Gay dinosaur erotica author expertly trolls relentlessly anti-trans Texas governor

Erotica author Chuck Tingle buys transphobic Texas governor's website

Erotica author Chuck Tingle, known for his work involving gay dinosaurs, unicorns, and Bigfoot, has bought a Texas governor’s website after he came under fire for comparing trans healthcare to “child abuse”.

Tingle, who has written iconic erotica including My Billionaire Triceratops Craves Gay Ass and Buttageddon, bought out Texas governor Greg Abbott’s website, in order to fundraise for several transgender charities.

“If you’re not frothing at the mouth with belligerent hatred and ignorant bigotry, then maybe supporting Gorg Abbott isn’t for you,” Tingle said on the page.

“If something seems off about this website, it’s possible you may actually be a decent human being!”

The website then links to Transgender Law CenterTrans Lifeline, and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

Launching the project trolling Greg Abbott on Twitter, Chuck Tingle said: “Dang. Surprised nobody who works for Greg Abbott remembered to buy”.

Abbott has come under fire this week after a statement equating gender-affirming care, including puberty blockers, to “child abuse”.

The governor echoed the view of Texas attorney general Ken Paxton, who previously claimed gender-affirming surgeries and puberty blockers could be considered child abuse under Texas law.

Paxton and Abbott’s views have been intensely criticised, with five district attorneys in Texas describing the pair as “un-American” in an open letter.

The district attorneys’ joint statement against the directive states that they will “not irrationally and unjustifiably interfere with medical decisions”.

The five attorneys stated they were “proud” to “lift up and protect communities”.

Tens of thousands of people have created a wave of online petitions against Paxton and Abbott’s views, fighting to protect trans youth from the damaging order.

One  petition, signed by more than 22,000 people, calls on Abbott to “stop destroying transgender minor’s lives in Texas”.

Actor Elliot Page has also stood up against Paxton and Abbott’s damaging statement, calling their views “inhumane and damaging”.

“Trans youth deserve gender-affirming care and to be able to live their true, authentic selves without fear and oppression. I stand with trans youth and their families,” he said.