Lizzo jokes about Chris Evans pregnancy rumours in SNL hosting debut: ‘It’s called manifesting’

Lizzo wears a bright blue dress and a sparkly blue jacket during her opening monologue on Saturday Night Live

Lizzo opens up about the rumours about herself on the internet as she pulled double duty as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

During a hilarious opening monologue, the “Truth Hurts” hitmaker told the SNL audience said she was going to “make history” by breaking the “record for the amount of times ‘b***h’ is said on live TV”. She then gave a shout out to her mum, who was seated in the crowd watching her perform on SNL

Lizzo then discussed how she was different on “stage” and in real life, saying she has a “serious side”. She recalled the TED Talk she did on the history of twerking in 2021 and how it can be traced back to ​​traditional West African dance

“I got brains and booty,” she quipped. “I’m like if Einstein could make that a** clap.”

She then addressed all the “rumours” online and said she had seen “gossip” that she’s “dating every little white boy in Hollywood”. Lizzo joked that people thought she was “collecting members of One Direction like infinity stones”. 

“I even heard a rumour that I’m pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby,” Lizzo added. “I have no idea where that one started.”

She continued: “It could be the TikTok where I said, ‘I am pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby, y’all’.

“It’s called manifesting.”

Lizzo and Evans have long joked on social media that they’re expecting a child together. The pop star previously opened up to fans about her interactions with the Captain America actor and even shared a screenshot of a time when she slid into Evans’ Instagram DMs while drunk

Evans even responded to the “Good as Hell” singer’s message, joking that he’d “done worse on this app”

Lizzo then made a video on TikTok responding to a fan who joked that she was pregnant with Evans’ child. She said she was “airing out all the rumours today” while the Captain America theme music played, joking that she and the actor were going to have a “little America”. 

Just a short while later, Lizzo shared a follow-up video and revealed further screenshots of Evans messaging her after hearing about their “little bundle of joy”. He wrote that his “mother will be so happy” and made the singer promise there would be “no gender reveal parties”.