Coachella-goer loses woman she ‘fell in love’ with at first sight. The internet just reunited them

Instagram account helps two lesbians find lost love at Coachella

The internet has reunited two women after their love at first sight moment was interrupted by the Coachella crowd.

The Instagram account Overheard LA documented a woman’s search for a girl named Alex after they hit it off while seeing Finneas at Coachella on Sunday (24 April) before getting separated.

“Coachella missed connection!! I know it’s so cliche to fall in love at Coachella but I did. All I know is her name is Alex,” the lost love said.

“We were talking and dancing before/during Finneas and then my friends wanted to move closer and we got split in the crowd.

“She was wearing a striped shirt and space buns… Can’t believe I’m doing this but really want to see her again, can you guys work your lesbian magic here? Oh, and she has a dog! We were talking about dogs.”


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Instantly, the Instagram account was inundated with people who thought they knew who the mystery “Alex” was, with one person saying, “My friend Lexi was at Coachella in space buns. This sounds like her, but people don’t usually call her Alex?”

The real love collection then emerged, messaging the account: “Hi! I’m Lex (short for Alexis). That was me! And I’d love to see her again.”

The pair were introduced in a chat, and Overheard LA promised that their first date night was “on us”, adding that it will update followers with “wedding announcements”.

“Thank you LA for helping us discover the true meaning of Coachella (falling in love with a stranger and forgetting their name),” the account said.

“Ride the entire ferris wheel of feelings in our highlights.”

Coachella itself even seemed to endorse the pair’s relationship, commenting “love to see it” on the post about the pair’s wild ride to being reunited.