Bitter Russian journalist suggests blowing up Eurovision after Ukraine victory

Russian journalist Yuliya Vityazeva took to social media following Ukraine’s Eurovision win with a bizarre and bitter post.

Ukrainian rap and folk band, Kalush Orchestra, won the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday as participants put on a powerful display of solidarity with the country, which has been devastated by the Russian war.

Upon receiving the Eurovision trophy, the Kalush Orchestra said: “Thank you for supporting Ukraine. This victory is for every Ukrainian.”

However, pro-Putin politicians and public figures in Russia were less than satisfied with Ukraine’s success. Following the country’s win, Vityazeva suggested that the contest should be ‘bombed’ with “a Satan missile” in a horrific Twitter post. 

Her vicious comments were cited by self-described Russian propaganda watcher, Dr Ian Garner, who said the Russian media is “having an absolute A+ toddler meltdown” over Eurovision. 

Garner also shared that at least one pro-Russian hacking group is “promising to cyber attack the contest and stop broadcasting and/or voting”, as many Russian nationalists are accusing Eurovision of being fixed in Ukraine’s favour. 

Shortly after the victory, Russia launched a series of missiles on western Ukraine, targeting infrastructure near Lviv and in Mariupol. Journalist Olga Tokariuk said the attacks were likely a result of Russia being unable to stand “Ukraine’s success and victories.”

Ukraine won Eurovision with 631 points, most of which came from the public vote. The UK’s Sam Ryder came in second with 466 points, making history by achieving the UK’s highest position on the leaderboard in 24 years. 

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has vowed that the country will host the Song Contest next year, despite the ongoing conflict with Russia, which has seen an estimated 21,000 civilian casualties. 

“We will do our best to one day host the participants and guests of Eurovision in Ukranian Mariupol,” he said, adding: “Our courage impressed the world.”