Netflix adds warning to ‘violent’ Stranger Things season 4 premiere after Texas school shooting

Mike and Eleven in Stranger Things

A warning has been added to the Stranger Things season four premiere following the tragic Uvalde school shooting in Texas.

Tragedy took place at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday (24 May), when 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos opened fire inside the school.

Ramos killed 21 people – 19 children and two adults – and injured another 17, making it the deadliest school shooting since the 2012 attack at Sandy Hooks Elementary School.

In the wake of the tragedy, Netflix has added a content warning to its eagerly anticipated new season of Stranger Things.

US viewers will see a card before the first episode of the show which reads: “We filmed this season of Stranger Things a year ago.

“But given the recent tragic shooting at a school in Texas, viewers may find the opening scene of episode one distressing. We are deeply saddened by this unspeakable violence, and our hearts go out to every family mourning a loved one.”

Variety added that ratings advisories for the show have been changed to read: “Warning: Contains graphic violence involving children.”

The Uvalde shooting has sent shockwaves of grief across the US, with false reports spreading about the identity of the shooter in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.

Online trolls began circulating an image of a trans woman named Sam, falsely claiming that she was the shooter. She has now spoken out, saying she has been “harassed and accused of murder” due to the trolling.

“I am being harassed and accused of murder with no evidence,” Sam told the i. “And all I’ve done was live my life.”

“I’m more worried about the victims and hope they get the support they deserve.”

In a since-deleted tweet, Arizona Republican Paul Gosar spread the conspiracy which is thought to have begun on 4Chan, claiming that the shooter was a “transgender leftist illegal alien”.

Sam told the i: “I’m ashamed that people like that are voted into office. People so concerned about their personal beliefs that they ignore the truth just to hurt innocent people.”

The new season of Stranger Things will be split into two parts. Volume 1 is out on Friday (27 May), while Volume 2 starts streaming on 1 July.