Stranger Things’ Maya Hawke and Riverdale’s Camila Mendes team up for ‘delicious’ gay revenge film

Maya and Camila in bed, Camila has her head on Maya's chest

Stranger Things star Maya Hawke and Riverdale actor Camila Mendes are joining forces for Netflix film Do Revenge – and it’s time for sapphics to unite.

Netflix released first look pictures of the new dark comedy and let’s just say, Mendes and Hawke are looking more than cosy. 

Co-written by Thor: Love and Thunder’s Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the plot follows Drea (Mendes) and Eleanor (Hawke) coming together to get revenge on the people who have wronged them. 

For Drea the problem is her high school ex-boyfriend Max, played by Austin Abrams (Euphoria), who leaked a sex tape.

Eleanor is seeking revenge on the girl who outed her to the school by claiming she tried to kiss her. 

Robinson confirmed the film will be loudly and proudly queer after a fan on Twitter asked if Do Revenge was gay, to which she simply replied: “Yes”. 
And it seems the sapphic vibes are fuelled by a genuine chemistry between the two actors, as Robinson shifted the whole production to accommodate their busy schedules. 

Speaking to Elle, she said: “It had to be Maya. And so, the movie was supposed to take place in Los Angeles; we moved it and shot it in Atlanta so we could shoot it at the same time as Stranger Things. And I rewrote it and reset it in Miami.

“They were so perfect that we legit moved the production, because if we waited for Maya after Stranger Things, we would’ve lost Cami. And if we had Cami in LA we wouldn’t have Maya. I was like: ‘Nope, it has to be both of them.’ So we moved the whole movie six weeks before production.”

Robinson’s last film, Thor: Love and Thunder, has been criticised for its lacklustre LGBTQ+ representation, compounded by the fact director Taika Waititi promised it would be “super gay”.

Let’s hope the same mistakes are not repeated.