Marjorie Taylor Greene falsely blames trans men for tampon shortage

Marjorie Taylor Greene stares somewhere off camera while standing in front of a neutral coloured background

Marjorie Taylor Greene has blamed trans men for the nationwide shortage of tampons despite it actually being caused by supply chain issues. 

Period products, including tampons, have been affected by supply chain issues and a rise in production costs due to the increased cost of prices of raw materials like cotton and plastic. A spokesperson for Edgewell Personal Care – which makes Playtex and o.b. tampons – told BBC its stocks were “impacted due to extensive workforce shortages” caused by Omicron surges in the US and Canada in 2021 and early 2022. 

Despite this mound of evidence, Greene has decided to lay the blame for the shortage of period products squarely at the feet of the trans community. 

The Georgia Republican ridiculously claimed the current shortage is “because men are buying tampons” and thought it was a symptom of a broader “war on women”. 

“Now that we have Joe Biden in office and full democratic control, there is an actual war on women,” she alleged. 

She continued: “You can’t find baby formula for mothers, women’s sport has been completely invaded, men have taken over everything.

“They’re ‘women of the year’ in every category, in women’s categories.

“Now there’s a shortage of tampons, and that’s probably because men are buying tampons.” 

Host Brian Glenn asked if it was “beta males” who were using tampons, but Greene clarified that she was talking about trans men using tampons. 

“They put tampons in men’s bathrooms,” she said.

Andre Schulten – the chief financial officer of Procter & Gamble, which manufactures Tampax — told the New York Times that it’s been “costly and highly volatile” to acquire the raw materials needed for production. 

Tampax sells roughly 4.5 billion boxes of products globally each year. A representative for Procter & Gamble has said the current shortage is a “temporary situation”, but they couldn’t provide the New York Times with a definitive timeline of when the issues will be resolved. 

But not one to let facts get in the way of her anti-LGBTQ+ tirades, Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Twitter to blame trans men and immigrants for the tampon shortage. 

She also mocked an NPR article for using gender-neutral language when referring to cis women, non-binary people and trans men impacted by the shortage. 

“‘People who menstruate’ can’t find tampons,” she wrote. “Has anyone checked the warehouses at the border where all the baby formula is stocked floor to ceiling on shelves?”

She continued: “Or maybe some men’s restrooms?

“Apparently they are available there.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene has faced backlash for her staunchly anti-LGBTQ+ comments 

Greene has repeatedly mocked the trans daughter of her colleague Democratic state representative Marie Newman, hanging up an anti-trans sign outside her office

She’s also claimed straight people will go extinct in “four or five generations” and spread misinformation about the Uvalde school shooting. Greene has asserted her husband would violently “beat” a trans person “into the ground” if they worked at a theoretical summer camp her daughter attended. 

In June, she joined the Republican push to ban kids from attending family-friendly drag events, which she likened to “strip clubs”. In the same breath, she called for schools that “intentionally confuses children about gender/sexuality” to lose their federal funding.

She has also been stripped of her committee membershipsmade hateful comments about her colleagues; faced criticism for posts in which she appeared to endorse violence against Democratsconfronted a Parkland shooting survivor with baseless claimscompared mask mandates on the House floor to the Holocaust; and was banned from Twitter for spreading COVID-19 misinformation.