Elon Musk’s daughter says she is trans and wants nothing to do with her father

Elon Musk's daughter says she is trans and wants nothing to do with her father

Elon Musk’s daughter has reportedly filed for a name change, explaining that she is trans and no longer wants a relationship with her father.

The Tesla tycoon’s daughter from his first marriage to Justine Wilson has filed a petition to change her name, citing that she does not “wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape or form”.

The daughter, who just turned 18, also petitioned for a new birth certificate with a female gender marker at the Los Angeles County Superior Court in April, according to Reuters.

The Daily Beast reported that Musk replied to its request for comment ahead of the news of Wilson’s name change being made public, stating: “She does not want to be a public figure. I think it is important to defend her right to privacy.

“Please don’t out someone against their will – it’s not right.”

The story has since been been reported globally.

Musk has previously been criticised for making anti-trans statements, including tweeting “pronouns suck” and “pronouns are an aesthetic nightmare” in 2020.

Most recently, Musk mocked tech brands for changing their logos to mark Pride Month.

The billionaire posted a meme to Twitter of an approaching storm swirling with brand logos in rainbow colours, with the words “June is almost here” on 31 May.

The logos included those of Facebook, Google, Spotify and Twitter, the company Musk is attempting to buy for $44 billion.

In light of Musk’s attempt to buy Twitter, after he said he would prioritise “free speech” on the platform, GLAAD president Sarah Ellis said: “LGBTQ people are at disproportionate risk for harassment online and violence in real life.

“The cost of hate speech further erodes basic safety and civility across society.”