Truck filled with dildos, lube and sex toys overturns and ‘loses its load’ over highway

A lorry in Ohio has spilled hundreds – if not thousands – of sex toys, including dildos and lube, over a highway in America.

The paraphernalia was spilt across the road just a few miles from Oklahoma City, after two lorries collided during the morning rush hours on Wednesday.

Reportedly, no one was injured, despite authorities shutting down several lanes of the motorway to deal with the heavy load.


News 9 deployed a helicopter to the scene to capture a bird’s-eye view of the crash, and presumably to also survey the naughty goodies that were all over the highway.

The aerial view did not, at first, provide a clear enough view as to what the merchandise was.

“This semi overturned and lost its load here,” the reporter described. Good choice of words there.

The anchor asked what had spilled on the road, to which he replied: “Not really. Maybe you can tell, I can’t tell.” We could all tell, by the way.
Watch the full report here.

A close-up shot showed what looks like a sea of vibrators, as reported by The Star.

A semi lorry overturned and lost its load (KWTV NEWS 9)

The aftermath of the footage has been picked up and thrashed about by Twitter users, with many finding the funny side of things.

One man referred to the situation as commuters being “shafted” by the spillage.

Another picked up on the hilarious phrasing of the original report, saying: “The journalist for this story uttered the phrase “lost its load” before discovering what the payload was and I may never recover.”
A third user went a step further, remixing Rodgers and Hammerstein’s seminal classical musical Oklahoma!: “Oklahoma! Every night my honey lamb and I/ Search the highway wrecks/ For toys for sex/ Helped by Channel 9’s eye in the sky.”

Give this man a Tony award – and a free vibrator while you’re at it.