Anti-trans activist Graham Linehan says he’s no longer sure about COVID vaccines or climate change

Graham Linehan

Graham Linehan has said he’s unsure about the safety of COVID vaccines and the reality of climate change, suggesting that such a heavy entrenchment in anti-trans activism has far-reaching consequences.

Former comedy writer Linehan, whose career and marriage has crumbled since he dedicated his entire life to so-called ‘gender critical’ activism, made the comments in an interview with anti-trans YouTuber Stephen Knight.

He explained that since his political rebirth as an anti-trans activist, he has found himself more intrigued by misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Linehan said: “What is COVID misinformation? We don’t know anymore! One of the big problems with where we are at the moment as a society is we literally do not know who to believe.

“If another massive pandemic happened, good luck to the government trying to get anybody to do anything. Because no one knows whether they were all just conned for a few years, or whether their life expectancy is being shortened as some people like Brett Weinstein have said about some of the vaccines.

“No one knows! We don’t know! I don’t even know, I’m not even sure I’m 100 per cent on climate change anymore because I’ve been lied to so conclusively by all the people I used to trust.”

Writer Aidan Comerford noted on Twitter: “Graham Linehan saying that he doesn’t know who to trust on COVID vaccines, and ‘isn’t 100 per cent on climate change anymore’. Why?

“Because ‘gender criticism’ is a conspiracy theory cult, and it encourages conspiratorial thinking in its adherents. This is radicalisation in real-time.”

“This is the logical endpoint of transphobia.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Linehan negligently compared being trans to having anorexia or bulimia, blamed a friend’s relapse into alcoholism on their trans son, and said that he got into anti-trans activism because of his opposition to the burka, before hitting out at those who don’t want to work with him anymore: “None of them have any courage, none of them have any principles, they fold like a cheap suit every time.”

Linehan was permanently blocked from Twitter for “hateful conduct”, but has since ramped up his anti-trans rhetoric even more.

From joining Mumsnet forums to demand MPs define the word “woman, to pretending to be trans on Twitter and the lesbian dating app Her.

Last year, Linehan held an event titled “TERFmas”, during which he urged people to “come out” as gender critical at Christmas, and he has previously compared gender-affirming healthcare to Nazi experiments on children in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

In 2018, he was issued a police warning over allegations of mocking a trans woman online.