Russia mocks LGBTQ+ and racial equality in bizarre bid to stop people fleeing war

A man, woman and child are seen in a video allegedly produced by the Russian Federation. They are seated on a plane as the husband and wife speak to each other.

Russia has released a bizarre video mocking LGBTQ+ and racial equality in an apparent bid to stop people fleeing war.

The video centres around a heterosexual Russian couple and their child. The family are on a plane on their way to America to start a new life.

“Finally, we are going. I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” the man says to his wife, per a translation on Newsweek.

“God willing, we’ll get there OK. It’s such a pity though, it’s our motherland,” his wife replies.

Shortly afterwards, the family starts talking to a woman sitting in the row in front of them, who declares that America is “the freest country in the world”.

But the family is left confused when they discover she doesn’t have a husband, but instead appears to have a wife called Emily.

People aren’t allowed to eat meat in America, Russia warns

In a second scene, the Russian man is stopped from eating meat in his in-flight meal by a stewardess who explains that the people in the row behind him are vegetarians.

The man can be seen holding up the meat and taking a long, deep sniff – because that’s obviously how people eat – but his plans are thwarted when the stewardess grabs his fork off him, explaining that he can’t eat meat in front of a vegetarian because of “democracy”.

In a third scene, the man is seen queuing for the toilet on the airplane when a Black man tries to skip the queue.

He ends up in a row with the stewardess and other passengers, with one person jumping in: “His people have been oppressed by the white men for centuries. We owe a debt to all African Americans.”

The clip was apparently created by the Russian Federation to stop “the avalanche of migration” that began after Putin announced a partial mobilisation, according to Twitter user @KermlinRussia.

The Twitter user claimed the video was being circulated in a desperate bid to deter would-be emigrants from leaving Russia in the face of war.

The clip is apparently supposed to push the view that Russians will be forced to respect LGBTQ+ people and Black people in America, which should deter them from fleeing.

“In beautiful Putin’s Russia, you will just be forcibly taken into the army and thrown into a cold trench in a plastic helmet with a rusty machine gun under the HIMARS,” the KermlinRussia account tweeted.

The clip comes just weeks after Putin announced that he would be instituting a draft to aid the country’s war against Ukraine.

Since then, reports have emerged of Russians fleeing the country in a bid to get to safety.