TikTok is obsessed with Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs ‘revolutionary’ foundation

TikTok is obsessed with Lady Gaga's Haus Labs 'revolutionary' foundation. (TikTok/@dont_look_back_audrey)

TikTok is currently obsessed with Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs foundation that’s being hailed as the ‘future of makeup’.

The foundation, which dropped last month, is being raved about by beauty bloggers with vastly different complexions.

The Haus Labs Foundation hashtag has already racked up an incredible 6.8 billion views on the social media platform.

The revolutionary product is the Triclone Skin Tech Foundation that’s available to buy at hauslabs.com.

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One popular video by beauty content creator, Audrey Hsu, was captioned: “Lady Gaga got bored at slaying the music/film industry and decided to slay the beauty industry for a change.”

@dont_look_back_audrey Lady Gaga got bored at slaying the music/film industry and decided to slay the beauty industry for a change #ladygaga #hauslabs #hauslabsfoundation #foundationreview #hauslabstricloneskintech ♬ Lady Gaga(DJ版) – 南辰Music&吉子迈子

In the TikTok, Hsu describes it as “incredible” because it covers a lot of the face without any skin prep like primer and moisturiser.

They call it the “future of foundation” because it can be applied using fingers instead of brushes and it feels like there’s “nothing” on the face.

Hsu also adds that it’s compatible with their sensitive skin and eczema.

The video has racked up 1.7 million views and nearly 300,000 likes and it’s just one of many praising the Haus Labs foundation.

Other creators including @ava_tocloo said, “no bc i’m obsessed” with the product and @estertaniaj said that Gaga’s new foundation “slaps”.

@ava_tocloo No bc I’m obsessed with @hauslabs foundation now ??‍♀️ #hauslabsfoundation @ladygaga #ladygaga #hauslabspartner ♬ #HausLabsFoundation – Lady Gaga

@estertaniaj #InverteLADY GAGA’S NEW FOUNDATION SLAAPPSSSS 20+ skincare ingredients @HausLabs @ladygaga #ladygaga #estertania #hauslabsfoundation #hauslabspartner ♬ #HausLabsFoundation – Lady Gaga

@paintedbyspencer Triclone Skin Tech Foundation from @hauslabs @ladygaga is THE mic drop we needed! ?? Show your Woah B**tch foundation look and join the #hauslabsfoundation TikTok challenge #hauslabspartner @sephora ♬ #HausLabsFoundation – Lady Gaga

@itshanella #HausLabsFoundation @ladygaga You dont even how obsessed I’m with @hauslabs makeup? Literally the best foundation I’ve ever used – so fresh, clean, comfy, and skinlike. I fucking love you? #ladygaga #hauslabs #hauslabsfoundation #littlemonsters #monster #hauslabsliplacquer #makeup ♬ #HausLabsFoundation – Lady Gaga

The product is described by Haus Labs as “a medium buildable coverage, high-performance, weightless, clean foundation”.

The brand says it’s “infused with our proprietary fermented arnica that reduces redness, helps even skin tone and protects from environmental stress”.

They add that it’s suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone and it’s available in 51 shades.

The bottle is priced at £48.99 and $1 from every purchase supports mental health and it’s available from hauslabs.com.

Lady Gaga and Haus Labs praised for its inclusive products

Last month the brand released its first ever complexion product which has been praised for its inclusivity.

The Triclone Skin Tech Foundation is available in 51 shades that range from deep to fair, each with a cool, warm or neutral undertone.

Fans praised the new drop from Haus Labs, with one commenting: “Not me already having my shade picked out and ready.”

Somebody else praised the inclusive shade range saying the “colour variety is amazing”, with the 50-plus options.


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Others echoed this, with one writing: “i don’t know a more diverse and inclusive makeup line. haus labs is truly in a league of their own.”

And another said: “Just from this image alone, as a Southeast Asian person, the variation of the light-medium-tan skin tones is great.”

Another dedicated Little Monster said: “I’m ready to drop my Dior backstage for yours.”

They’ve described it as “groundbreaking clean foundation that feels like skincare, but performs like makeup”.