A Certain Ratio bassist Jez Kerr comes out as bisexual and says crossdressing is ‘part of his life’

A photo of A Certain Ratio bassist Jez Kerr playing at the Wide Awake Festival

A Certain Ratio bassist Jez Kerr has come out as bisexual on Twitter, adding that “secrecy and unnecessary shame is not good for my mental health”.

In a statement posted to Twitter on Monday (17 October), the punk band, formed in Manchester in 1977, said that Kerr had reflected on his life and sexuality after a “long illness” and no longer wanted to keep his identity secret.

Posting that he is bisexual, and that “crossdressing has been a part of my life from an early age”, Kerr added: “I know this isn’t exactly a big deal in 2022, but it is something that I’ve only just managed to deal with and I hope by sharing, it might help someone else.”

The statement added: “After a long period of illness, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my life and have recognised that secrecy and unnecessary shame is not good for my mental health.

“Confusion and shame led me to suppress it and keep it secret.”

Kerr went on to add that his “strict Catholic upbringing”, as well as a childhood playing football, had been the root cause for his hidden sexuality.

He added: “I had a very strict Catholic upbringing, and so I guess guilt and shame were drummed into me from an early age.

“I was also heavily involved in football at MUFC [Manchester United Football Club] until the age of 17… where anything other than strictly ‘manly behaviour’ was distinctly discouraged.

“That suppression comes at a price. This denial, combined with feelings of guilt and shame, has led to all kinds of problems: drug abuse, anxiety, self-humiliation, suicidal feelings, a feeling of total self-loathing.”

The A Certain Ratio bassist added that he had been able to open up to friends and family members about his sexuality previously, and he now no longer wants to “feel shame” for his identity.

Kerr added in a separate tweet on his own account: “I’m really overwhelmed by the amount of support I’ve received from the friends here on Twitter.

“You have made me feel that I’m not alone with my problems and that there is a community here that really cares for one another.”