Taylor Swift shocks fans with surprise appearance at Bon Iver concert: ‘Sent me into orbit’

A graphic with images of music stars Justin Vernon and Taylor Swift superimposed in front of colourful spotlights. (Getty)

Taylor Swift made a surprise appearance at a Bon Iver concert in London on Wednesday (26 October) to perform their iconic collaboration, “Exile”. 

Swift has had a hectic week with her huge album drop, Midnights, including music videos and a special “3am” extended version but that didn’t stop her from showing up for fans last night. 

Arriving at Wembley’s OVO arena, the megastar sang her hit Folklore track “Exile” and treated fans to her first live performance with Justin Vernon and The National’s drummer Aaron Dessner.

Several videos of the historic moment have been uploaded to social media, showing Swift suddenly appearing during the song to shocked cheers. 

At the end of the song, Vernon turned to Swift calling her “the most talented person in the world” to which Swift replies “the most talented person in the world, Justin Vernon”.

And of course, the crowd broke out into huge applause as the global popstar left the stage, leaving Vernon to joke that was the end of the concert.

Swifties who were there in person and online have gone wild at the footage and shared their delight. 

“Okay but Bon Iver bringing our Taylor Swift for ‘Exile’ was genuinely an incredible moment,” one person wrote. 

“This feels like a dream,” another added, while someone else said: “It sent me into orbit. Yet to return to earth.”
One person summed it up, saying: “Taylor Swift and Bon Iver singing “Exile” live is what you hear when you enter the gates of heaven.”

This is not the first time Swift has made a surprise appearance at a concert, in July she showed up to HAIM’s concert to perform “Gasoline” and “Love Story”.

Taylor Swift will finally be going on a global tour for her new album Midnights, which will no doubt be sending Swifties into a frenzy to secure tickets. So if you missed her surprise appearance now is your chance to see her live.