Michaela Coel had every Beyoncé fan’s dream come true: ‘I don’t know how she got my address’

Actress and icon Michaela Coel has recalled the “slightly insane” experience of receiving flowers from Beyoncé herself.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on an episode of The Tonight Show, Coel recounted returning home from filming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – in which she plays a queer member of the Dora Milaje, the fictional country’s elite guard – to find a bouquet of flowers alongside a note from Beyoncé.

“The big moment was getting home to Atlanta, where I was filming Black Panther,” she said to Fallon. “I entered my house and there was a huge bouquet of white flowers, and the note said ‘proud of you, X Beyoncé’.”

“I’ve never met Beyoncé, I’ve never spoken to Beyoncé, so for her to do that was slightly insane,” the Emmy-winner continued. “I’ve spent my career paying homage to her.”

Michaela Coel. (Getty)

Michaela Coel. (Getty)

“In Chewing Gum (Coel’s sitcom), there’s a photo of Beyoncé next to Jesus Christ that the central character prays to. I’ve written articles about Beyoncé for The Guardian, but I’ve never met her, so for her to do that meant a lot,” she added.
Michaela Coel returned the favour, sending Beyoncé a “huge plant and [saying] thank you”, after the latter released Renaissance. She continued by adding: “I don’t know how she got my address.”

Beyoncé fans think a Renaissance Tour announcement is coming soon.

Beyoncé sent Coel flowers. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella)

“‘Cause she’s Beyoncé,” Fallon, responded, to which his guest agreed: “‘Cause she’s Beyoncé. God knows where you live.”
It’s not the first time Beyoncé has tipped Michaela Coel with praise – she even included the actress (and US Vogue coverstar) in her roundup of empowering women for Women’s History Month in 2021.

“Their passion and brilliance shone on courts, Zoom stages, streaming services, television, books, dance and song. They gave us joy and provided escapism in the midst of an overwhelming year,” Beyoncé wrote at the time.

“For Women’s History Month, we honour the women entertainers (and sports greats) who rose to the occasion in delivering stand out feats that made us all shine.”