Alicia Silverstone is reviving her iconic Clueless character, and fans are totally buggin’

Alicia Silverstone reenacts Cher pulling gum. (Rakuten/Paramount Pictures)

Fans are totally buggin’ after Alicia Silverstone stepped back into the shoes of her iconic Clueless character Cher Horowitz.

It may be 28 years since the ’90s cult classic first hit the big screen, but it still has a devoted fanbase and a good deal of legendary lines that have withstood the test of time.

Now, Silverstone will transform into her iconic character in an upcoming advert that will premiere during this year’s Super Bowl.

Silverstone first teased the revival on 31 January, when she shared a clip from the advert to her Twitter showing her dressed to the nines in yellow plaid and twirling bubble gum.

“I’m just gonna leave this here,” she wrote to a wave of frantic excitement.

This was subsequently followed by a longer clip of Silverstone walking to the front of the classroom with shopping bags, before declaring “don’t bug, your girl is back” to the backing track of “We Are Young, We Are Free”.

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It’s not the first time Silverstone has recreated the memorable moments from the film. Back in November 2022, she made a TikTok with Stacey Dash, who played her onscreen best friend Dionne Davenport.

In the TikTok, captioned “Forever Cher & Dionne BFFs”, they lipsync the hilarious exchange where Cher asks Dionne “would you call me selfish?” to which Dionne responds “no, not to your face”.

For her own TikTok debut, meanwhile, Silverstone recreated the film’s opening scene in which she shoves someone sideways and utters “ugh! As if!” in disgust.

Silverstone’s cameo in the Super Bowl advert comes in the wake of the news that the actress will have a class reunion with Dash and Elisa Donovan, who played Amber, at 90s Con 2023.

And Clueless fans everywhere couldn’t be happier that Cher is coming back to the big screen.

“I will never let this movie and cast go, just like her. C’mon she’s so mother for this, let’s be real.” one fan wrote. While another right asked: “Where is her Oscars award?”

Many fans are spinning their own narratives of what Cher is up to now.

Speaking about how the revival came about, Silverstone told Variety that Cher’s identity of a “shopaholic” fit right in with the company brand and she would “want everyone to know that”.

As for where she thinks her Clueless character is in 2023, she added: “Cher, in the end of the film, really evolves. She always has compassion, but she really awakens to what matters. I think that she would be buying the really eco[-friendly], animal cruelty free clothes.”

As for whether we’ll ever get a true sequel, Silverstone had a disappointing response. “[The director] Amy Heckerling never wanted to do Clueless 2. She got asked so many times and she just refused.

“She just felt like there’s magic in what we did. So I don’t know why or how that works… You can have the most incredible cast, the most incredible script, the most incredible director and still those movies don’t work sometimes. So when it does, it’s really special.”

The full ad will be shown during the Super Bowl on 12 February.