Heartstopper star Yasmin Finney opens up about her dating life: ‘Guys get intimidated by me’

Yasmin Finney wears a black dress, pearl earrings and smiles at the camera.

Yasmin Finney, the unstoppable Heartstopper icon and endless beacon of trans joy, is more than happy being single, thank you.

Ever since Alice Oseman’s revolutionary queer teen graphic novel series became a Netflix hit last year, with Finney up front and centre as student Elle Argent, the actress has become something of an international phenomenon.

With roles in Russell T Davies’ upcoming Doctor Who series and the return of Heartstopper season two, Finney’s celebrity keeps on growing. But along with the praise and acclaim comes one huge challenge – navigating a public dating life.

Speaking to Elle Magazine, the 19-year-old revealed that while she enjoys going out on dates, she’s been banned from most of the big dating apps for supposedly impersonating a celebrity.

In addition, men aren’t always in love with her high-profile celebrity status.

“The guys I go out with, dare I say it, they do get intimidated by me and I’m trying to date people my own age,” she explained, adding that she’s not bothered about being on her own.

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“When you have to rely on other people’s validation you’re not going to survive in this world,” she said. “This world wasn’t built on your boyfriend buying you everything. Be your own sugar daddy!”

While Finney might be more than content with being single, the same can’t necessarily be said for her Heartstopper character, Elle.

Actor Yasmin Finney appears as the character Elle Argent in Netflix's Heartstopper
Heartstopper’s Yasmin Finney. (Netflix)

Earlier this week, Netflix revealed that the show’s wildly anticipated second series will make a big return on 3 August.

Alongside the cast and crew teasing some more “mature” themes, Netflix has revealed that Elle will start the season trying to work out whether she and friend Tao (William Gao) could become more than just friends.

Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke) will of course be returning, with much of the second series focussing on the pair trying to navigate their new, public relationship – though Charlie may also begin to struggle with an eating disorder.

Elle swiftly became a fan favourite following Heartstopper’s debut last April, putting Yasmin Finney in the public spotlight as one of the UK’s most visible trans women.

Yet, despite her status, she too experiences the daily struggles that come with being an out trans person. Reflecting on her experience of accessing gender-affirming care in the UK, Finney said that she has had to wait years for treatment.

“Everything was changed before I hit college. Change your name. Change it on your passport, change your gender, get diagnosed with gender dysphoria,” she shared.

“The NHS is a completely broken system. I’ve been on a waiting list for eight years now. So even me, almighty trans beam of light, struggles with the system. You can’t escape it no matter who you are.”

There is currently a concerningly long waiting list for trans people hoping to access gender-affirming care in the UK, with activist groups demanding the health service urgently fix the years-long wait time.