All Stars 8 star Jimbo gets emotional discussing her lip syncing: ‘I choke every f**king time’

An image featuring All Stars 8 queen Jimbo in all of her All Stars 8 lip sync outfits.

RuPaul’s Drag Race fan favourite Jimbo has vented her frustration at failing to secure a lip sync win on the current All Stars 8 season.

While Jimbo is competing against the likes of Kandy Muse, Alexis Michelle and Lala Ri on the eighth season of All Stars, the Canadian queen has been stealing the spotlight since week one.

Six weeks into the competition and she’s won half of the challenges. She’s slayed Snatch Game with her bonkers take on American child actress Shirley Temple, and in doing so joined a small, elite club of contestants who have won the challenge twice, alongside Jinkx Monsoon, BenDeLaCreme and Baga Chipz

Her acting skills have bagged her two other challenge wins this season, while her runways frequently received high praise from the judges. The one talent she can’t quite seem to conquer though, is lip syncing.

Jimbo’s questionable lip syncs have become something of a running joke among the Drag Race fandom. To date, she’s competed in six lip syncs throughout her three Drag Race seasons, and lost every single one. 

The current All Stars format involves the week’s winning queen taking on a secret lip sync assassin, meaning that the better Jimbo does in the main challenges each week, the more her lip sync abilities are put under the magnifying glass.

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After losing her third battle of the season in last week’s episode against season 14 queen Jasmine Kennedie, it appears Jimbo has had enough.

Speaking at the beginning of this week’s All Stars 8 episode, the kooky clown queen teared up as she admitted feeling “embarrassed” about her lip sync track record.

“It’s mixed emotions,” she said after being congratulated by the other queens on her third challenge win. “I had such an amazing time on the Snatch Game and incredible critiques and then I went to do the lip sync and I just fell on my face and I feel embarrassed.”

Her most recent performance against Jasmine Kennedie saw her try and keep up with Dua Lipa’s “Hallucinate”, but she appeared to slip within the first few seconds.

“I really wanted this time to go … this is annoying,” she said, reflecting on the lip sync and beginning to get emotional, while her fellow competitors offered words of support.

“It’s so f**king annoying. I love performing and somehow I get on that f**king stage and I choke every f**king time and I can’t stand it.”

Speaking during her on-camera ‘confessional’ segment, she further explained why she was “disappointed” in herself.

“I’ve won three challenges, but I’ve lost every lip sync. It’s a really disappointing blow because drag queens are kind of known for their lip syncing.

“But I get in front of Mama Ru on that stage and there is something that I’m not delivering over and over again. It’s embarrassing.”

After watching Jimbo open up, fans have put their jokes aside, rallied around the queen, and thanked her for showing her vulnerability.

“Really refreshing to hear Jimbo open up about her stage fright,” one fan commented, while another said: “I totally get Jimbo’s frustration. It’s refreshing to see her get emotional.”

Others are simply falling over themselves to commend Jimbo on the way she has taken All Stars 8 by storm.

“Jimbo really is on another level of talent,” one fan gushed, as another guessed that there will be a “Jimbo redemption storyline” which will see her “finally winning the lip sync at the finale”.

All Stars 8 is available to stream now on WOW Presents Plus.