All the eliminated All Stars 8 queens’ Fame Games looks so far

All Stars 8 contestants Monica Beverly Hilzz, Mrs Kasha Davis and Naysha Lopez

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 features a franchise-first twist that gives fans the power to crown an eliminated queen as winner of the ‘Fame Games’ – so it’s more important than ever to see which looks they would have worn on the runway.

Yes, for the first time in Drag Race herstory, there are two ways to win All Stars.

The first is the traditional method: win challenges, avoid your lipstick being pulled and snatch the crown. With a cast stuffed full of legends like Kandy Muse, Heidi N Closet, Jimbo and Darienne Lake, that definitely won’t be an easy task.

The second way to win is by conquering the mysterious Fame Games and winning $50,000.

What are the Fame Games and how do you vote?

Announced by RuPaul herself at the end of All Stars 8‘s premiere episode, the Fame Games will see eliminated queens compete for a special prize based on the looks they would have worn on the runway each week.

Given mounting viewer concern in recent years over the amount Drag Race queens are spending on looks that may not even be shown on TV, it’s a canny move by producers that gives every queen more time to shine.

Every look from the previously eliminated queen is currently shown at the end of Untucked episodes, airing exclusively on WoW Presents Plus.

The winner will decided by the fans of the show and voting opened on Friday, 14 July. You can cast your ballot here.

Here are all the eliminated queens Fame Games looks so far, by the episode they would have appeared in:

All Stars 8: Fames Games, episode 2: Net Gala runway

Monica Beverly Hillz was eliminated in the premiere episode of All Stars 8, so is the first entry to the Fame Games, shown at the end of episode two‘s Untucked.

She placed 12th on season five in 2013, and although she didn’t snatch the crown her second go around, it’s not over yet. Could she be the Fame Games’ champion?

All Stars 8: Fames Games, episode 3: Legendairy Queen and Fruitie Patootie

Episode two saw Naysha Lopez sashay away – but luckily for us, she’s back alongside Monica Beverly Hillz to play the Fame Games.

Episode three’s Supermarket Ball had the queens present three looks to the judges, including one designed in the Werk Room. Monica and Naysha were no longer in the competition, so only walked in the first two categories of the ball for the Fame Games: Legendairy Queen and Fruitie Patootie.

All Stars 8: Fames Games, episode 4: Ass the World Turns

We said goodbye to Mrs Kasha Davis in the episode three, so the Fame Games now has three competing queens – soon to be four.

While the queens in the competition served us everything from Eeyore to ‘titty-butt’ (yes, really), our eliminated girls give us even more cleavage in the back and party in the front.

Monica serves us “1920s vintage” with strappy fringe, Naysha gives us a tuxedo-gown complete with a cutout of her ass, and Mrs Kasha Davis is allegedly channeling “Alexis Carrington” with a silver and red leopard print peplum moment and individual ass-cutouts.

All Stars 8: Fames Games, episode 5: Ruveal Yourself

Darienne Lake joined the Fame Games in episode 5, which saw the queens tasked with delivering a gag-worthy reveal on the runway.

Darienne gave us virginal bride with a a killer twist, while Mrs Kasha Davis channelled her inner Cruella DeVil (if Cruella was a Moulin Rogue showgirl).

Meanhile, Naysha Lopez packaged three monochrome looks in one, while Monica Beverly Hillz served high fashion anorak (we mean this as a compliment).

The Fame Games will remain just four queens-strong next week, as Heidi N Closet won’t be eligible to compete after sadly choosing to quit the competition.

All Stars 8: Fames Games, episode 6: Night of 1000 Grace Jones

Our fabulous foursome were challenged with serving up a look in homage to trailblazer and icon Grace Jones.

Monica Beverly Hillz offered us simple sultry leotard and negligé number while Naysha Lopez’s take on Jones’s 2010 tour costume saw her give us a glittering gold bodysuit (shock).

Mrs Kasha Davis arguably stole the show this week with the definition of ‘party in the front, different party in the back’ – a Hollywood Bowl performance inspired costume revealing a nearly nude derriere.

Darienne Lake served up an avant garde pantaloon/ hat combo and looked stunning doing it; she seems to be the one to beat in the Fame Games.

All Stars 8: Fames Games, episode 7: Miss ‘Fill-in-the-Blank’

The Fame Games welcomed their fifth contender after Jaymes Mansfield sashayed out of one competition, and into another.

The runway category this week was Miss ‘Fill-in-the-Blank’, and saw the girls become winners of their own imaginary pageants.

Monica Beverly Hillz stomped the the runway as Miss Sunlight on the Skin – a self reference to her season five acting challenge character – and Naysha Lopez joined her as Miss Shady Lady; in-keeping with her habit of reading her sisters to the ground. Bonus points for her cloak of Drag Race quotes!

Mrs Kasha Davis as Miss Senior Centre/ Miss Ariana Grandma was a cross between a pensioner and a popstar and Darienne Lake’s Miss Shapen once again proved that she’s the frontrunner of the Fame Games.

Newcomer Jaymes Mansfield’s Miss Queen of the Ring was a sexy take on a boxer, complete with velvet gown and championship belt.

All Stars 8: Fames Games, episode 8: You’re a Winner, Baby

In episode eight of the season, the remaining five queens had to design a look based on a previous All Stars Winner – Trixie Mattel, Trinity the Tuck, Monét X Change, Shea Coulée or Kylie Sonique Love.

Because this was a design challenge, there was no official Fame Games runway. However, some queens have still taken to social media with designed looks in an effort to become queen of the Fame Games – namely, Jaymes Mansfield in a Monét inspired velour jumpsuit number.

All Stars 8: Fames Games, episode 9: Snow Bunny

The queens of the fame games – all seven of them – hit the runway this week in chilly couture, with the prompt ‘Snow Bunny’.

Monica Beverly Hillz served trans excellence in a pink, blue and white quilted romper, while Naysha Lopez is, as she says “dripping in ice.” Bonus points for the most most deadpan delivery you’ve ever heard.

Elsewhere, Mrs Kasha Davis hit the slopes with a stark reminder not to eat yellow snow and some Ugg boots and Darienne Lake reminded the viewers of Drag Race that there’s a very different kind of snow out there in a cocaine-themed garment.

Jaymes Mansfield modelled the White Witch from Narnia, if she was a drag queen, Kahanna Montrese was a walking snowflake sculpture and our newly inducted Fame Games queen Lala Ri took to the runway in a Cinderella tearaway moment.

All Stars 8: Fame Games, episode 9: Drag Family Resemblance

Once again, there was no ‘official’ Fame Games runway following episode nine, because the looks worn by Kandy Muse, Jimbo and Jessica Wild were makeover looks for this week’s challenge.

However, Mrs Kasha Davis decided to bring back Barb – her character from this season’s SNL parody – in drag form.

Similarly, Jaymes Mansfield gave us a shimmering red look featuring her bestie Justin.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 continues on Fridays on Paramount+ in the US and on WOW Presents Plus in the UK and internationally.