Drag Race’s Jimbo on explosive elimination and which queens disappointed her: ‘She was janky’

Jimbo, a drag queen, painted as a dog with furry dog ears

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World is shaping up to be one of the most controversial in Drag Race herstory.

Week three was Rusical week, where the queens were tasked with embodying a different musical-inspired character, from Mamma Mia to Made in Dagenham.

In the workroom, there was drama when Baga Chipz was unhappy with the role she was given. The previous week’s runner-up, Jimbo, was dramatically eliminated after failing to impress the judges, who were joined by Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey (swoon!).

The Canadian queen had been tipped to go deep in the show after placing in the top two twice, but was eliminated by challenge winner Pangina Heels.

PinkNews caught up with Jimbo via Zoom from a cruise-ship to discuss favouritism allegations and how she feels about her shocking elimination now.

PinkNews: Hi Jimbo! Commiserations, what was it like watching the episode back?

Jimbo: I really left my mark in my first three episodes and so I feel like I ‘did the work’ for the next two episodes: people can close their eyes and imagine I’m there, being crazy being silly and having fun! There’s nothing I would do differently. I can’t change the past. All I can do is look towards my bright and beautiful future. And I know that there is more in store for me and I have so much going on around the world. When I saw the show air, I saw my dreams come to a crashing conclusion. I was of course sad. I was really sad, because I enjoy making television, I enjoy making people laugh. I enjoy celebrating drag and I enjoy living life to the fullest! So watching my exit was really sad, because I had a lot more to show.

Jimbo in a white latex costume, looking like a ghost sperm cell

Jimbo. (BBC)

What was it like getting the call to represent Canada on the first international Drag Race All Stars?

It was so exciting. It was so titillating. It was so amazing! A lot of the fans online really wanted to see more of me after my time on Canada’s Drag Race. I was just so grateful for the opportunity to compete again. And I was so grateful for the opportunity to be in front of Mama Ru and to get some feedback from her and to have some really iconic interactions with my icon and legend, the one and only Miss RuPaul. And so I’m just so grateful for my time on the show. I feel like I served some really awesome looks and I made people around the world laugh and that’s all I can do. If I’m making people laugh by bringing smiles to people’s faces, if I’m getting people to watch the show and tune in and be entertained, then my job is done. I don’t need some plastic badges to know that I’m a winner!

What do you think went wrong with the challenge this week, did you think the judging was fair?

I think it’s all subjective and I can’t really say. Do I wish I was in the bottom? No. Do I wish I was in the top? Yes. Do I wish that I could have been saved? Sure. Do they explain why someone is saved why they’re in the bottom, or why they’re in the top? No. So, I mean, it’s all for a television show. There are storylines, there are paths that are etched in stone for people, and we just have to walk that path blindly. All I did was put one foot in front of the other and try my very best and at the end of the day, my best was not good enough. And I just need to learn my lesson and to be better, and I will be!

Why do you think Pangina sent you home? Do you think there was competition at play?

Yeah, she [Pangina] contacted me. She said: “You know what? I was jealous of you. I think you’re so beautiful. I think you’re so talented. I think you’re so amazing. I was so jealous of all your time with Ru and so I took the opportunity to get rid of you when I could. So I’m playing the game.” That’s just the game that she played and so she messaged me, she said all of that stuff, and I was like “You know what, Pangina? I love you so much I was such a fan of yours. Sure, I was completely shocked that you did that. And maybe I don’t agree with you, and maybe neither does the rest of the world, but these are the choices we make as adult human beings and everyone makes mistakes!” She said that she made a mistake and that she thinks I’m so beautiful […] She said I was her biggest competition. She decided to take me out and you know, that’s just what happened!

I can’t work out whether you’re being sarcastic or not…

Oh, you can quote her, if you need to! [Jimbo’s final answer perhaps gives us a clue here].

Jimbo, out of drag, in the bright pink werk room

Jimbo. (BBC)

Do you think it was unfair that Jujubee got to stay, seeing as this is her fourth time on Drag Race?

I think that the people are always right. And I think when you watch a show, and you have millions of people around the world sharing a common sentiment or idea, then it’s probably close to the truth. I can’t say, but do the people know what they’re watching? They do. And do people know what they feel? They do. And the people are watching the show and feeling a way, that’s probably because that’s the way that they’re feeling and they’re probably feeling that way for a very good reason. And so I can’t confirm or deny, but we all have eyes and we’re all watching the same show. And we all are getting the same feelings. So I’m going to leave that one with you.

Did you have any ideas for your Snatch Game this year?

I was planning on doing one of two iconic comedians. I was gonna let Mama Ru choose in the werk room. I was gonna bring my Bobcat Goldthwait who is an iconic crazy comedian. He was in Police Academy and he was sort of a big comedian in the late 70s. He’s still a comedian now, but some of his best work I would say was in the 80s and the 90s, and that’s where he was most known for his erratic speech pattern and his erratic physicality. I really wanted to channel some of that chaos into my performance. I was also maybe going to do Amy Sedaris as her character Jerri Blank, because I kind of identify with that character. So I was thinking that that would be really funny, I know Mama Ru is a big fan of Amy Sedaris!

Who was your favourite British queen this year?

Definitely Blu Hydrangea! She has a really cool, eclectic style. She’s not afraid to take risks, she’s not afraid to glue a bunch of extra heads on her. I just love her aesthetic. She loves colours and she’s a shady, funny little bitch. So I’m really excited to watch Blu Hydrangea!

Did any of the queens surprise you?

I would say I was surprised by Jujubee’s costuming choices. Given her experience and, you know, her legacy, I was kind of hoping for “next level Jujubee”. But the pandemic was hard on all of us mentally. Our mental health was challenged and our finances were challenged. She tried her hardest and I love her, but I was definitely surprised by what she showed. And Mo Heart, I loved her looks. She’s always upping her game and I thought she looked really beautiful. I was also surprised Janey Jacké looked so cheap in the talent show. That was surprising because she is so put together and Holland is known for its polished, amazing, avant-garde drag. So I was a little bit surprised that she looked so janky at the talent show, but I love her as a performer and as a person.

Which queen are you supporting now you’re out?

I would say my favourite is probably Baga Chipz. I love her wild sense of humour. I love that she is just living her fantasy. She’s the most famous woman in Britain. And I think she is just hilarious. I’d also love to see a little Blu Hydrangea take it for the UK. She is just so talented with her makeup and her looks, so I would love to see Blu at the top too.

Some of the fans have said there’s favouritism towards Baga, have you noticed any of that?

I think that there is definitely favouritism happening and I can understand why: she’s a lovable person with a great track-record. But yeah, like I said, the fans are smart. The fans are the ones watching, the fans are the ones with unbiased eyes. I would say wherever the fans are thinking as a whole, for the most part, they’re usually not wrong. So if you’re getting that sense, then that’s probably what’s happening.

What’s next for Jimbo?

I’m so grateful to share my love of drag and my love of humour with the world. I really say everything with a sense of humour. And so in all of my interviews, I hope that everyone takes everything with a grain of salt! I’m trying to make people laugh. I’m trying to let people know this is not serious. This is just fun. These are television shows starring drag queens, they are supposed to make you laugh. So I hope that that’s my legacy. I hope my legacy is love. This isn’t the end for me. I’m an artist. I am a successful artist that is going to travel around the world, spreading love, spreading joy, spreading my legs, spreading my heart, spreading my huge tits! I’m just going to keep making looks and keep twirling and keep having the best time.

Drag Race UK vs The World continues Thursdays on BBC Three and iPlayer.