Red, White & Royal Blue fans are absolutely losing it at first images of the famous cake moment

Our first look at Taylor Zakhar Perez Alex (L) and Nicholas Galitzine as Henry (R) in Red, White & Royal Blue.

The White House meets British royalty in our first look at Prime Video’s upcoming adaptation of Casey McQuiston BookTok sensation Red, White & Royal Blue.

Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar Perez looked to have created on-screen magic with their portrayal of the trans-continental love story between Prince Henry and the First Son of the United States, Alex Claremont-Diaz.

As anticipation builds for Red, White & Royal Blue – due to drop in August – first movie stills have sent the devoted fandom into a frenzy as they show some of the book’s most-loved moments.

The first look features seven photos, giving us a glimpse of both Henry and Alex and the supporting cast, including Uma Thurman as the first female President of the United States and Prince Henry’s sister Princess Bea (Willow‘s Ellie Bamber).

We also meet Malcolm Atobrah as Henry’s rich best friend Percy Okonjo, Love, Victor‘s Rachel Hilson as Alex’s confidante Nora Holleran and Sarah Shahi as deputy chief of staff Zahra Bankston. Other cast members include Stephen Fry.

Taylor Zakhar Perez as Alex (L) and Uma Thurman as the POTUS (R) in Red, White & Royal Blue.
Taylor Zakhar Perez as Alex and Uma Thurman as his mother, the president. (Jonathan Prime)

But the photo that has put RW&RB lovers everywhere into a chokehold is of the notorious cake scene that kicks off the entire plot. In the novel, long-time rivals Alex and Henry cause an international scandal after falling into crown prince Phillip’s wedding cake during a fight which forces them to fake a friendship to avoid tabloid gossip – and that eventually leads to them falling in love. Awwww!

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Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry (L) and Taylor Zakhar Perez as Alex Claremont-Diaz (R).
Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry (L) and Taylor Zakhar Perez as Alex Claremont-Diaz in the famous scene. (Jonathan Prime)

And the coveted image truly lives up to the moment, with both smothered in cake and looking completely nonplussed.

Speaking to Glamour, Galitzine opened up about the easy chemistry between him and Perez. “Taylor and I have this level of insincerity with each other. We have this public [banter] with each other, but privately we’re really, really close mates.

“That’s kind of Alex and Henry in a lot of ways, egging each other [on] and pushing each other’s buttons. Taylor and I spoke the same language, had the same humour. You need to have a partner in crime to embody these roles, and I think it’s so palpable when co-stars don’t have the chemistry [that we do.]”

The Fab Four in Red White & Royal Blue.
Another scene from Red White & Royal Blue. (Jonathan Prime)

In another still we see the powerhouse friendship quartet (Henry, Pez, Nora and Alex) partying it up. However, much to the general dismay, fan-favourite novel character June (Alex’s sister) appears to have been cut from the film and reportedly merged into Nora’s character.

Nevertheless, we can’t forget the gorgeous night-time scene when Alex and Henry sneak into the Victoria & Albert Museum for a romantic moonlight rendezvous.

Tony-winning co-writer and director Matthew López revealed some behind-the scenes reasons why it was his favourite scene to shoot, taking place in the actual London museum.

“We arrived at 10pm and filmed until sunrise,” he said. “To have access to that museum at night without any other people around made you feel what Henry and Alex must have been feeling the night they go there together.

“What made it so special is that, for one of the first times in the shoot, it was just me, Taylor, and Nick working. No other actors, no background players. It’s a magical scene in the book, and it was a magical night for all of us.”

Fans need no reminding that the film is officially R-rated meaning there are definitely some horny moments ahead. Elsewhere in the interview, Perez and Galitzine spoke about working with intimacy co-ordinator Robbie Taylor Hunt to bring the sexy moments to life.

“There’s a musicality to intimacy,” Perez said. “There’d be lots of counting. Like, ‘1, 2, 3, 4, grab. 2, 3, 4, squeeze’. That’s what was going through my mind as we did it, to get it in your body.

“Once your body remembers it, you can let it go, the muscle memory is so strong. Then it’s just about getting your mind in the game.”

Galitzine added: “It’s a very vulnerable and trusting space. Taylor and I had to rely on each other because we really wanted to tell that story honestly and feel that we weren’t hindered by any of our own boundaries.

“It becomes a sort of wonderful choreography that all serves to facilitate these two young men who fall in love.”

And as fans share their joy at seeing such a high-profile queer love story hit the screen, they are not the only ones. Perez explained his happiness at playing a “smart and passionate and flawed and hopeful” queer Latino character.

Galitzine, meanwhile, talked about the importance of telling a “heart-warming” LGBTQ+ story, because “not a lot of films like this are made”.

He continued: “I hope it resonates with everyone. I’ve been really touched to hear how widespread the book became and affected many people from many different backgrounds. I hope our movie can do the same because a lot of love went into it.”

Red, White & Royal Blue drops on Amazon Prime on 11 August.