New tease drops for Red, White and Royal Blue and fans are not OK: ‘Getting this tattooed on my head’

The film adaptation of New York Times bestseller Red, White and Royal Blue, based on the novel by Casey Quinton, has received a release date and poster. This is not a drill.

Stamp your passports and brush up on your American slang – love is about to get royally complicated, as the film adaptation for ‘BookTok‘ favourite Red, White and Royal Blue has received a release date and a tantalising poster.

Posted to Twitter today (26 April), the adorable teaser, featuring some suspiciously crossed legs and Union Jack/Stars and Stripes-emblazoned socks, has confirmed that Red, White and Royal Blue will be coming to streaming service Prime Video on 11 August.

The film will star Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine as Alex Claremont-Diaz (the first son of the USA) and Henry Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor (the third in line to the British throne), respectively.

The film is expected to follow the plot of Casey Quinton’s 2019 novel, in which the bisexual Alex and gay Henry engage in a high stakes romance – while the world is watching their every move. Can Alex contend with political chaos and diplomatic drama and get the boy, who just so happens to be the future king?

As with any novel that has been claimed by ‘BookTok‘ (the subsection of social media app TikTok dedicated to, well, books) Red, White and Royal Blue has a highly dedicated fanbase (that rivals even that of Heartstopper), many of whom are currently going mad on Twitter.

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Elsewhere, fan edits have made their way onto Twitter, complete with behind-the-scenes pictures and surprisingly explicit quotes from the novel.

Fans have also pointed out that the film is due to drop in the same week as Heartstopper‘s second season – meaning that August is for the gays and the gays only.

Uma Thurman, Stephen Fry are also set to co-star in unnamed roles, though it’s fairly safe to assume a presidential role for Thurman and a Royal one for Fry in Red, White and Royal Blue.

Minor characters Amy Chen, a trans Secret Service agent and Rafael Luna, a gay congressman, are also expected to appear.

Red, White and Royal Blue is directed by Matthew López and is coming to Prime Video on 11 August.

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