Thousands view fake anti-LGBTQ+ videos made by so-called comedian on social media

Majorie Taylor Greene shares anti-LGBTQ content

Fake anti-LGBTQ+ content created by a “comedian” is sweeping social media and spreading disinformation, with lawmaker Majorie Taylor Greene proudly supporting the hoax. 

Content creator Jibrizy, who claims on X (formerly Twitter) to be directing “social political video as real-life scenarios of the left and right for debate”, has seen part of his six-minute sketch fool social media users into an anti-LGBTQ+ frenzy. 

In a clearly staged and not exactly Oscar-winning skit video called “Mother tears down Pride flag”, a mum rips down a flag covering a map of America in a classroom and asks the teacher why she’s wasting money on LGBTQ+ representation.

“This needs to go exactly where it is. In the garbage… I’m teaching my son to grow up to be a man and I don’t want you hanging up a flag and teaching them the type of stuff I’m trying to keep them away from,” the mum in the sketch says. 

Only at the end of the full video does Jibrizy announce: “Hey guys, this was all a skit,” before asking people to comment. 

But the full video clearly wasn’t watched by most, with comments on Facebook seeming to take it as a real incident. 

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Many comments said the mother is right, claiming that teachers should “stop trying to indoctrinate and groom” kids.

On X, a cut version of the bogus sketch was reposted by Republican congresswoman Greene, who wrote: “God bless this mama. I stand with her. Teachers are paid by taxpayers – the parents. Get the LGBTQ propaganda out of schools.” 

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Greene, who in May said a lesbian stepmum is not a “real mother”, realised only after her post that the video wasn’t real, and commented: “If this is a fake or a skit, it’s a very good representation of exactly how people feel.” 

The video remains on X and has a context alert that reveals it’s scripted. 

Some social media users have criticised Jibrizy, with one person on Facebook saying it was “a stupid tactic to take”.

Another person pointed out: “This video is shared in phobic countries under the name LGBT in America. 

“This is obviously staged total b******t, designed to trigger people.”

Another Facebook comment reads: “Why does anybody watch this s**t,” while a separate person accused Jibrizy of selling his “soul [for] easy views”. 

Trans journalist Erin Reed said Jibrizy was “interaction farming”, accusing them of spreading disinformation.

In another video, Jibrizy again plays on anti-LGBTQ+ views held by some, in a sketch called Trans daughter comes out to parents. 

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The five-minute clip attempts to demean trans people and pronouns by asking the person coming out: “Who is influencing you?” Again, only at the end does Jibrizy announce that that “this is all a skit”. 

PinkNews has contacted Twitter and Jibrizy for comment.

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