Marjorie Taylor Greene calls LGBTQ+ people ‘groomers’ as she backs LibsofTikTok

US Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Greene

Republican politician Marjorie Taylor Greene has called LGBTQ+ people groomers and pedophiles, in a post backing right-wing anti-queer group LibsofTikTok

Georgia representative Greene made the comments while talking about an NBC News article about LibsofTikTok operator Chaya Raichik. 

The article noted 21 instances since November 2020 in which schools and other institutions criticised by LibsofTikTok for pushing “woke” ideology, were subsequently targeted with bomb threats. Other institutions reported experiencing “violent intimidation”.

Raichik frequently uses the account to rail against drag shows, gender-affirming care and LGBTQ-themed books in schools, using the “groomer” slur to describe LGBTQ+ people and their allies. 

Following the publication of the NBC article, Raichik claimed on Twitter/X that the media “want me in prison for exposing the grooming and sexualisation of your kids”.

“Detectives in Iowa are blaming me for b*mb threats… NBC is trying to get law enforcement to say I’m connected so that I can be investigated,” she wrote. 

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Resharing Raichik‘s post with her own followers, Greene claimed: “Exposing the groomers, pedophiles and doctors who get rich cutting off kids’ body parts makes Chaya a top target of the radical evil left. I stand with Chaya 100 per cent of the time and so do most Americans.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene has become infamous among queer people for her opposition to the LGBTQ+ community. She frequently using derogatory language, opposes gender-affirming care and has tried to ban books in US schools.

In September 2022, she launched a bid to criminalise gender-affirming care across the entire US. “California, Washington, New York and other Democrat-controlled states want to fast-track kids and tell parents they have no right to take away their children’s desire for gender-affirming care,” Greene claimed. “There’s no such thing as gender-affirming care.”

While the bill has not become law, several states have attempted to outlaw trans youth healthcare, with Georgia currently moving a ban through the legal system.

Greene has also claimed that step and adoptive parents are not “real” mothers, accused trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney of being a pedophile, said straight people will be extinct in “about four or five generations” and even sold t-shirts making fun of the viral disease Mpox.