Punk band Lambrini Girls hit back at ‘TERF Twitter’ for attacking pro-trans Kerrang! interview

Lambrini Girls

Brighton-based punk band Lambrini Girls have hit back at “TERF Twitter” saying “transphobia has no place within feminism” after a pro-trans interview with Kerrang! magazine was attacked online.

Vocalist and guitarist Phoebe Lunny and bassist Lilly Macieira spoke to the rock magazine in May about their debut EP, You’re Welcome, which tackles various societal injustices including transphobia. 

On 20 September, anti-trans musician Louise Distras – who was recently given a makeover in the Daily Mail alongside other gender critical activists – attacked the band and the magazine, accusing both of “inciting violence against women” on social media.

Lambrini Girls told PinkNews this wasn’t the first time the band has experienced backlash “due to being vocal on trans rights”. 

“We always say, it’s extremely important that this discussion is not centred around us. We want to use our platform to bring these issues to light but should never be the headline,” Lambrini Girls said.

The duo added that there “is no ‘Gender Debate War’ this is not up for debate, trans rights are human rights. 

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“Transphobia has no place within feminism, if you think that is up for ‘debate’, then you’re not a martyr.

“Your grandchildren will look back in the history books, and will know you were one of the bad guys.”

‘Have fun on the wrong side of history’

In the Kerrang! interview Lunny was quoted saying: “I will scrap any TERF, any day, in person, with my fists … ”

Trans rights are something the pair are vocal about and their song Terf Wars includes the lyrics “you’re not a feminist, your a stain on this earth, shut your stupid f*****g mouth you stupid f*****g terf”.

TERF is an acronym for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist” and refers to radical feminists who exclude trans individuals from their advocacy, instead working to block their access in many areas of society.

The feature was spotted by anti-trans pundits months after it was published, putting the band, their music and their comments to Kerrang! in the firing line. 

Posting on X (formerly called Twitter) in response to comments shared by Distras, the band said that they expected that “TERF Twitter” would target them after the spread appeared.

“The fact that a topic like transphobia can be discussed in a large music magazine in 2023, without censorship means: Actual Feminism – 1 Terfs- 0 

“Have fun on the wrong side of history x”, the post added.

Speaking to PinkNews, Lambrini Girls also hit out at the lack of trans inclusivity in the media.

“It’s extremely important that these conversations are brought into the mainstream, the consistent lack of coverage across the board on this topic, perpetuates ignorance and marginalises communities further,” they said.

“As cis and femme presenting individuals, we will never experience any level of violence or hatred that the trans community experiences every day.

“As queer people, we are extremely angry for our loved ones and friends who have to experience this hate daily.” 

PinkNews has contacted Kerrang! magazine for comment.