Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller sued for alleged sexual harassment by fellow queer horror producer

Bryan Fuller wears a white shirt, striped tie and brown jumper as he poses for a photo

Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller has been accused of sexual harassment by a former producer of his LGBTQ+ docuseries Queer for Fear.

Sam Wineman, who served as a producer and director on the LGBTQ+ horror series, filed a lawsuit against Fuller on Wednesday (4 October). 

In the lawsuit, Wineman claimed that Fuller “cultivated and maintained a hostile work environment as a result of harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault and retaliation from the years 2020 to 2022”, Deadline reported. 

He accused Fuller of sexually assaulting him “several times” throughout the production of Queer for Fear, which was released on streaming service Shudder in 2022

The lawsuit included claims that Fuller inappropriately touched, verbally abused and made lewd comments towards Wineman.

Fuller’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, told the outlet that Wineman will be “sued for defamation based on what are 100 per cent probably false statements”. 

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“There is documented evidence which completely disproves the allegations against Bryan Fuller,” Freedman said. 

“Wineman created this fictitious story long after his gross incompetence necessitated his removal in an effort to extort AMC, Shudder, Steakhaus and Bryan Fuller.

“He never raised any allegation of wrongdoing prior to his removal because he knew that this was absolute garbage. 

“Sam Wineman just made the biggest mistake of his life and once the evidence comes out, he will forever be known as a pathological liar. 

“Rest assured; a malicious prosecution lawsuit aimed directly at him is coming soon.”

Bryan Fuller wears a white shirt, black bow tie and striped jumper as he speaks into a microphone
Bryan Fuller’s lawyer said Sam Wineman, the former Queer for Fear producer suing Fuller, will be ‘sued for defamation based on what are 100 per cent probably false statements’. (Getty)

The complaint filed by Wineman alleged that Fuller once pressed his penis against Wineman’s buttocks. It also claimed that the Star Trek Discovery showrunner had a “preoccupation with masturbation” that “permeated everything” and spoke of his genitalia to the point it became a “running theme among employees”. 

Additionally, the suit alleges that Fuller, who is gay, was “frequently proclaiming his hatred of all gay men” between 2020 and 2021. 

Wineman also alleged that Bryan Fuller bullied, insulted and humiliated him. The complaint claimed that Fuller “retaliated” anytime that he perceived there to be “rejection” from Wineman by “denying creative requests, sabotaging shots, heckling interviewees, storming off set, and ignoring plaintiff, sometimes for weeks, until plaintiff appeased him”. 

The lawsuit accused the show’s executive producers of coddling Fuller because they said he was the “money” and that they had to “keep the money happy”. 

The lawsuit alleges that the executive producers coddled Fuller and protected him from consequences, saying that he was “the money,” and “we have to keep the money happy”.

Wineman alleged that he was removed from Queer for Fear in August 2021 after complaining about Bryan Fuller’s conduct. 

He is also suing AMC Networks, Shudder and Steakhause Productions as he alleged they “ignored all warning signs, facilitated and permitted” Fuller’s behaviour, according to the complaint. 

AMC told Deadline that it is reviewing the lawsuit and did not have an immediate comment. 

PinkNews has reached out to Shudder and Steakhaus Productions for comment. 

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