Lesbian TikTok Influencers welcome baby boy in ’empowering’ home birth

Lesbian TikTok influencers Julie and Camilla

Lesbian TikTok influencers Julie and Camilla have welcomed the birth of their baby boy after going through a miscarriage earlier this year.

Julie and Camilla Lorentzen, known for their epic fitness videos and colourful home renovations, announced the arrival of their baby boy on 1 November after giving birth at home, which Julie described as “very positive” and “empowering”. 

Alongside emotional photos of the couple’s baby being welcomed to the world, Julie posted on Instagram: “Never felt a love like this. 

“I cannot believe how lucky we are to be able to call ourselves your mummies… everything went amazingly and it was the most empowering experience ever.”

After documenting the trials and tribulations of going through IVF – with the couple posting that they had gone through a miscarriage in January – Julie and Camilla confirmed that they were having a “rainbow baby” on Instagram in February.

In a YouTube video telling fans about their home birth, Julie explained: “Birth is just a scary subject, it’s presented like as this horrible, painful thing, when it’s just so powerful.

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“Yes it’s intense… it was the most magical experience. I can’t wait to do it again… if I’m lucky enough.”

Camilla added: “Watching you [give birth] was the most powerful thing ever.”

Julie and Camilla explained that while they publicly post about their lives on TikTok, they will not be revealing the baby’s name or photos of his face for his privacy. 

Julie thanked fans in an Instagram story after the couple had welcomed their baby, saying their followers had shown love for the growing family “day in and day out”.

“Thank you for all your support throughout my entire pregnancy,” she wrote. “Thank you for all the love you show our family day in and day out. We really have the best followers in the world. Just thank you. My heart is so full.”