Matildas striker Sam Kerr and partner Kirstie Mewis confirm engagement

Australian national team and Chelsea striker Sam Kerr and her partner Kirstie Mewis, who is also a professional player, have confirmed they are engaged. 

Mewis, 32, who plays in National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) club Gotham FC and Team USA, confirmed in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine that she and Kerr, 30, are engaged. 

The confirmation follows a number of weeks of speculation after fans spotted a large diamond ring on Mewis’ finger in the pair’s Instagram posts. 

In the interview, the midfielder described how supportive Kerr was after the US was knocked out of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup earlier than expected. 

Mewis said Kerr has “just been everything” to her and her “biggest supporter” who is “always listening to me nag and complain all, all of my crazy antics”.

The couple are currently in a long distance relationship, with Kerr based in London and Mewis in New Jersey. 

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Kerr previously told Gaffer the couple sets “little milestones” to make the distance seem easier.  

“For example, just get to the end of July and then we’re one week away,” she explained.

“We set little milestones and we make time during the week where we’ll watch the same show and FaceTime or have dinner together or something.” 

However, that does not stop the separation from being “tough” on them both. 

“I think the thing that keeps us going is that we can see an end point,” Kerr said. 

“We both just want each other to do so well in our careers. I don’t think you could be in a long-distance relationship with someone who didn’t get the sport. 

“She fully gets it and I get it. So we just support each other.

“The end point is that we’ll eventually live in the same place. It’s just after our careers are dust.”

The pair have also spoken about the importance of their relationship being out and visible in football as LGBTQ+ people. 

“I think just being out and being two girls in love, I think if we can change one or two people’s lives and the way that they feel about each other and how comfortable they feel,” Mewis told Gaffer

“I love to share my relationship on social media. So I think if we can change the way one or two people feel about themselves, they can look at us and see that we’re happy and we’re trying to be as successful as we can and we’re an out gay couple. 

“I think that that’s so important.”

During the most recent World Cup, Kerr solidified herself as a footballing star in Australia, captaining the Matildas to a fourth place finish – their best ever in the tournament.