Dead by Daylight slashes through LGBTQ+ barriers with the game’s first trans character

Video game box art for Dead By Daylight with a trans flag transparent overlay

Dead by Daylight has shown its undying support to the LGBTQ+ community once again, and this time they’ve got us all hooked by introducing the game’s first transgender character, Tubarāo.

Tubarão is an “unbreakable” trans man from Rainbow Six Siege. Though he is currently not playable in Dead by Daylight or Rainbow Six Siege, he will be added later this month.

However, he will not be an entirely new character and will instead be introduced in the form of a legendary cosmetic skin for character Renato Lyra. When equipping this cosmetic, Renato will transform into Tubarão.

According to Ubisoft’s website, the 35th defender is from Portugal and is able to “slow down enemies, freeze devices to pause their deployment and prevent use” with “throwable canisters”. 

Dead by Daylight’s LGBTQ+ history

Despite Tubarão being Dead by Daylight’s first trans character, this is not the first time the game has uplifted and celebrated the LGBTQ+ community. From proudly featuring a wide range of LGBTQ+ pride flags as customisable pins for your character, to the annual Pride month “Into the Rainbow” event, it’s clear that DBD’s allyship is here to stay.

In June 2023, a Dead By Daylight charity live stream took place benefiting the It Gets Better project. To the excitement of gaymers everywhere, the event was hosted by drag superstar and all-round legend Trixie Mattel alongside full time streamer Negaoryx. 

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Furthermore, Dead By Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive announced last year that fan favourite survivor David King is gay. In a news post to the game’s official site, they wrote:

 “The fact that our character roster did not openly feature any confirmed LGBTQIA2+ representation was something we have been determined to change.”

“One of the cornerstones of that community are our LGBTQIA2+ players, who continue to elevate Dead by Daylight with their tireless passion for horror, gaming, and of course – horror gaming,”

“Upon consulting extensively with the GaymerX organization, who shared their expertise at integrating LGBTQIA2+ themes into established games, we felt confident in our chosen direction. Today, we’re pleased to confirm that Dead by Daylight can officially celebrate the game’s first gay character: David King.”

Delighted fans took to X, formerly Twitter, to share their excitement.

Celebrating Dead by Daylight’s first trans character opens up a world of possibilities for greater queer and trans representation later down the line, allowing LGBTQ+ gamers to know they have a home in the world of gaming. 

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