Doctor Who: Christmas Day trailer and Ncuti Gatwa’s legs have fans in a chokehold

Ncuti Gatwa is the first queer Black actor to portray The Doctor in Doctor Who

Doctor Who’s final 60th anniversary special introduced not only the brand new concept of bi-generation, but also a trailer for the show’s 2023 Christmas special, and fans are thrilled. 

After three anniversary specials, Doctor Who will say goodbye – or see you later? – once again to David Tennant, as Sex Education trailblazer Ncuti Gatwa takes over on Christmas Day as the 15th incarnation of the two-hearted Time Lord.

Saturday (9 December) night’s final special episode “The Giggle” saw Tennant go up against classic villain The Toymaker (Neil Patrick Harris), who revealed himself as the mastermind behind a tech-based insanity that transformed ordinary people into furious, individualistic bigots.

With a very special rendition of The Spice Girls’ “Spice Up Your Life”, plenty of high-energy silliness and a timely political message, “The Giggle” had all the elements that make Doctor Who a beloved British TV juggernaut.

Harris’ Toymaker had somehow managed to escape his domain and enter reality following the First Doctor beating him years ago, but ended up being no match for one Doctor – let alone two.

In an unexpected twist, the Toymaker shoots the Doctor with a Galvanic Beam though the chest, and a new type of regeneration begins, ‘bi-generation‘.

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The Doctor splits into two, and viewers are blessed with both Tennant and Ncuti Gatwa sharing screen time.

What is bi-generation in Doctor Who?

According to the Doctor, bi-generation as a concept had previously existed in the Whoniverse, but “it was just a myth!”

Tennant’s Time Lord asks Mel (Bonnie Langford) and Donna (Catherine Tate): “Could you pull?” and when they do, the Doctor becomes two: the 14th and 15th incarnations.

“I’m really, really me. I am completely me!” the latter exclaims.

Both are the Doctor and both possess his memories and abilities, and they even each get their own TARDIS.

While some fans were less than impressed by the new concept, many have embraced it wholeheartedly, with one social media user pointing out that “fans will have baulked at regeneration once too” when it’s now accepted as an integral part of Doctor Who.

Fans gush over Christmas Day special trailer

Saturday’s “The Giggle” concluded with the BBC sharing the first trailer for Doctor Who’s hotly-anticipated Christmas special, “The Church on Ruby Road”.

The trailer begins with Gatwa dancing freely under a disco ball and wearing a kilt, while Ruby Sandy (Millie Gibson) looks on with adoration, before the Doctor shouts across “Merry Christmas!”

In a switch, we see the Doctor and his new companion hanging from a ladder attached to a huge flying ship. 

“What’s up there?” Sandy asks, prompting the Time Lord to reply: “Goblins.” 

Clips of an intense goblin battle is shown, while the Doctor gloats about time travellers and the TARDIS is shown in two brief scenes.

Fans have flocked to social media to share their excitement about what could be in store for Gatwa’s 15th version of the Time Lord on Christmas Day 2023.

Many Whovians praised the trailer as “fantastic”, “fascinating” and “iconic”, while others shared that they “already love” Gatwa as the Doctor and that the show is “in safe hands” thanks to the Sex Education breakout star’s “buckets of charisma”. 

One fan wrote: “Queer joy spinning around in a kilt/skirt with the stunning Ncuti Gatwa and I am so here for it!” 

Gatwa’s legs proved to be quite the talking point, as the 15th Doctor was trouserless in “The Giggle” and sporting a kilt in part of the Christmas special trailer.

Of course, thirsty fans didn’t hesitate to show their appreciation online.

Doctor Who is currently available on BBC iPlayer and returns on Christmas Day 2023.

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