Formula One’s Lando Norris’ fitness routine

Lando Norris

Formula One’s rising star Lando Norris shares his workout routine that targets parts of the body that are impacted by driving a really fast car.

A rising star in the sports world, the British-Belgian racing driver is making headlines for his wheel-to-wheel swings on the racetrack.

But for Norris to compete at such a high level, his unique fitness routine plays a huge role in getting him closer to winning a race.

Norris was fast-tracked to Formula One’s Galaxy Star in 2019, where he achieved record-smashing wins by keeping his hands fixed on the steering wheel for the duration of the race, building up both strength and endurance across his shoulders and chest.

As part of his routine, he includes a significant amount of strengthening exercises, building up the muscles in the lower part of his body. When he’s driving, he needs to be able to withstand a significant amount of G-force – sometimes measuring six times the force of gravity.

To build strength, he incorporates rowing, cycling and squats with weights.

Surprisingly, the neck muscles are most important in the world of Formula One due to the sharp turns on the tracks. To strengthen this part of his body, he incorporates harnesses, resistance bands and isometric exercises into his fitness routine, optimising endurance and further strengthening his back muscles.

All in all, Norris continues to smash records and impress audiences with his skills, and no doubt has a bright future ahead of him.

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