OpenAI CEO Sam Altman marries boyfriend Oliver Mulherin

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and husband Oliver Mulherin wear dark suits as they hug each other and smile for a photo

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has married his partner Oliver Mulherin in an intimate wedding ceremony by the ocean. 

Altman rose to immense prominence in the business world as the head of OpenAI, the artificial company behind advanced chatbot ChatGPT. 

On Thursday (11 January), private photos of Atlman’s wedding to Mulherin, an Australian software engineer, surfaced on X/Twitter. The pictures showed the couple exchanging wedding rings, celebrating with a handful of guests and breaking glass – a traditional feature of Jewish weddings.

With Altman not making an announcement at the time, social media users made the same joke about the boss of ChatGPT-maker’s wedding photos – that they looked “AI generated”

But the 38-year-old tech mogul confirmed via text to NBC News that the photos were 100 per cent real, and he’d gotten hitched to Mulherin in front of approximately a dozen loved ones at an undisclosed beachside location.

Sam Altman, who came out as gay while in high school, has kept his relationship with Mulherin relatively under wraps over the years. 

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The couple share a home together in San Francisco, California, according to an interview Altman gave to the New York Times. They split their time between their San Francisco house and a ranch among the “rocky, grass-covered hills” of Napa. 

The pair made one of their first public appearances last year when Altman brought Mulherin to a White House dinner

In September, Altman revealed in a profile with New York Magazine that he wants to have kids with Mulherin soon, and that he likes big families. 

Altman was briefly ousted as chief executive of OpenAI in November after the board of the artificial intelligence company said it had no confidence in him.

He joined Microsoft just a couple days after the boardroom drama that sent shock waves across Silicon Valley. Shortly afterwards, over 700 OpenAI employees signed a letter threatening to quit and join Altman at Microsoft unless the board stepped down and reappointed the ousted CEO. 

At the end of November, Sam Altman officially rejoined as OpenAI’s CEO, saying he’s “never been more excited about the future”.

He described feeling “extremely grateful” for staff members’ “hard work in an unclear and unprecedented situation”. 

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