Will Ferrell’s documentary with trans best friend is coming to Netflix

Will Ferrell (right) with his trans friend and Will & Harper co-star, Harper Steele (left)

Will Ferrell’s documentary Will & Harper, about the bond between him and his best friend of 30 years, Harper Steele, who came out as a trans woman in 2022, has been picked up by Netflix. 

Netflix has purchased the distribution rights to Will & Harper following its highly-publicised debut at the Sundance Film festival, amid interest from multiple studios. 

It’s not yet known when the documentary will be available to watch on the streaming platform. 

Announcing the good news on Netflix’s website, the filmmakers said: “We are thrilled about how audiences received the movie with open arms at Sundance. 

“It’s a movie about the power of friendship and acceptance, that we hope can help shift the culture, and so we are excited to have a partner in Netflix that has the ability to reach the largest possible audience worldwide.”

Harper Steele and Will Ferrell at the Sundance Film Festival premiere of 'Will & Harper'
Harper Steele and Will Ferrell at the Sundance Film Festival premiere of ‘Will & Harper’. (Getty Images)

Will & Harper sees the comedian and his best friend Harper embark on a road trip across America, during which they unpack their friendship, Harper’s coming out, and her transition.

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Ferrell and Steele met on the set of Saturday Night Live. While Ferrell scored his big break after appearing in the sketch comedy show from 1995 to 2002, Steele worked as a writer on SNL from 1995 to 2008. 

Harper came out as transgender in 2022. Ferrell says he had “zero knowledge” of the trans community before hand but wanted to understand how he could help his friend.

Reflecting on his best friend’s coming out at the film’s Sundance Film Festival premiere, Ferrell told Variety that after Harper emailed her close friends to explain her transition, they were all “excited to hear the news and surprised to hear the news”. 

Farrell’s goal with the documentary is to create a film that communicates to cisgender people what it’s like to transition, to come out, or to have a loved one do so.

PinkNews has contacted Netflix for comment.

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