‘Our fling turned into a throuple – but our family and friends are divided’

Alana, Kevin and Megan, a throuple from Northern Colorado, are using social media to raise awareness of their relationship – and polyamory. 

The trio, who says they love one another equally, met through dating app 3Fun, after Alana decided she wanted to explore her sexuality while dating Kevin. 

Polyamory means a person having simultaneous close romantic relationships with two or more individuals, with the knowledge and consent of all partners concerned.

Speaking to PinkNews, Alana said the trio have been in a relationship for four years, following she and Kevin dating for three years before that. 

Kevin said: “We were talking a lot and getting to know Megan more. We really started to click and get feelings of crushing on her hard.” Before they knew it, he and Alana were in love with her. 

Megan said it took about a year for the trio to come out to family and friends, which prompted “some mixed emotions”. 

Alana’s family were surprised but really accepting, while Kevin’s were “split”, with his mum finding it difficult to accept. 

The trio now use social media to post educational content about relationships. As a result, they are often told they’re “going to hell” or that they’re “sinners”, Alana revealed.

But they were inspired by friends to post about their love, and believes their channels help to inspire others to come out in polyamorous relationships, she added. 

They recently celebrated International Throuple Day on 3 March. 

Posting on Instagram, they wrote: “We’re celebrating the unique bond of our trio. Grateful for the balance and dynamic we share as three.

“It’s not always easy to find harmony between even two people, so we cherish what we’ve found together.”