Incredible clip from the 1960s shows a lesbian bravely talk about her complex quest for love

In a clip from a 1960s TV show, which has resurfaced recently, a lesbian can be seen talking about how she goes about finding a partner. 

The clip, from a 1965 episode of ITV’s current affairs programme This Week, shows the unnamed secretary from the North Midlands revealing the challenges she faces.

At the time, male homosexuality was still illegal in Britain, but lesbianism was not. The presenter, Bryan Magee, who died in 2019, says this makes it a “much easier subject for us to deal with”.

The woman is open about her experiences, insisting that all she wants is “to love and be loved by another woman”.

She goes on to say that the difficulty in finding a partner in the 1960s means that she has to “keep making friends with people”, adding that “if they are lesbian, there’s hope for me, but even then there isn’t hope unless they happen to take to me”.

Magee, who became a Labour MP in 1974, asks her if she can tell by looking at a woman whether she is a lesbian or not, to which the interviewee responds: “Not at all. It’s an absolute myth, because I have been looking hard enough.” 

Jackie Kay, another lesbian, who grew up in rural Scotland in the Sixties, previously told PinkNews about the problems she faced. 

In her teens, she really did believe she was “the only Black lesbian in the whole world”.

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