First look at Jennifer Lopez taking down AI Simu Liu in the trailer for Netflix’s ATLAS

The pair are set to appear in a new action film. (Getty)

The full-length trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming film ATLAS has dropped, and it shows the “Jenny from the Block” hitmaker taking down an AI bot, played by Simu Liu. 

Throughout her impressive filmography, Lopez has embodied all sorts of characters, including a wedding planner, a stripper, and a member of housekeeping staff. Most recently, she played a heightened version of herself in Amazon Prime Video’s This Is Me…Now

But now, the singer-come-actor plays the titular Atlas Shepherd, a data analyst agent who doesn’t trust AI (who does?). Atlas embarks on a mission to retrieve a tainted robot (Liu) with whom she’s familiar.

As the trailer for ATLAS comes to a head, it appears the protagonist decides to move with the times and finally accepts the idea of AI. It’s just as well, too, as she gets lost on an uninhabitable planet with only her robot suit’s AI to keep her company.

The action-packed film sees Sterling K. Brown, Lana Parrilla, Mark Strong, Abraham Popoola, and Gregory James Cohan joining Lopez and Liu. 

Lopez previously told Entertainment Weekly that the “touching and moving story” at the helm of the big action sequences brought her to tears. “It’s a story of friendship and learning how to trust; the bond between two beings who connect in disastrous circumstances and teach each other how to be more human,” she told the outlet.

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But acting in scenes between herself and the AI program, rather than with actual human co-stars, didn’t come without its own challenges. “It was like doing a one-woman show,” she said. “You’re just there, by yourself, imagining everything because it’s all green screen — there was no set to ground you.”

Fans are just as excited to watch Lopez’s new story unfold, with one person commenting beneath the trailer, “Looks like a good one!”

“Queen! It’s gonna be amazing, epic,” another fan commented. “WE WILL BE WATCHING LET’S GOOOO,” another fan echoed. “We will be watching LETS GO JENNY”.

Atlas is set to hit Netflix on 24 May.