Australian Gay Magazine Offends Hindus

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DNA Magazine, Australia’s top gay publication, has censored their latest cover in an effort to quell outrage from the Hindu community. The cover, features male fitness star Matt Walch wearing a Roberto Cavalli brief that is screen printed with an image of the Hindu goddess Laxmi.

In an apology to the Hindu community, Editor Andrew Creagh, apologized for the offense and let it known that the magazine had no “deliberate intention to cause offense, antagonize or show disrespect to people of the Hindu faith.” He added that the magazine was “unaware that the garment portrayed a specific Hindu deity.”

In a release sent out, Matt Walch stated, “I deeply regret any offense caused by the image in question. I also have a strong belief system and I would like people of the Hindu faith to no it was never my intention to offend anyone. In creating these images, we wanted to create something beautiful, and the item in question was meant to enhance the beauty, not draw away from it. I hope we can all look at this as an opportunity to learn and respect each other as people.”

In addition to the formal apologies issued by DNA Magazine and Matt Walch, the magazine has censored the image on its official web site, It was not censored on the models official web site. It also has not been censored on newstands where the controversy does not seem to be affecting sales.

The July 2005 issue of DNA featuring Matt Walch will be available at newstands in North America in August 2005.

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