Jimi Hendrix Played ‘Gay’ Card to Ditch Army

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According to a new biography on rock God Jimi Hendrix, the man worshiped across the globe for his wild ways with women and guitars wasn’t always so straight – in fact, for one American institution, he was downright gay.

The book by legendary rock biographer Charles Cross reveals that Hendrix played the gay card as a way to get out of the Army and begin his musical career.

Room Full of Mirrors, in bookstores this fall, says Hendrix was immediately discharged from the 101st Airborne division in 1962 upon telling an Army psychiatrist that he had fallen in love with a fellow soldier.

Pervious interviews and biographies on Hendrix had maintained he was discharged for a broken ankle, although there is no mention of this in his medical records.

Cross, who made his name as the biographer of Kurt Cobain, maintains that there is little chance that Hendrix was gay. He said that the claim of love was unlikely to be motivated by true feelings, but by a desire to escape the military.

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