Army cadets dismissed for “gay acts”

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Fifteen army cadets have been dismissed from Nigeria’s military academy for alleged homosexual acts.

An academy spokesman said action was taken after complaints of molestation. Homosexuality comes under indecency laws in the country.

Maj. Timothy Atigha told the Associated Press a board of inquiry had been set up to look into the allegations, and medical examinations were conducted on all the 1,000 or so cadets at the Nigeria Defence Academy.

He said 15 officer cadets found to have engaged in homosexual acts were expelled, Among them were some who confessed to molesting other cadets, he said “Sodomy is a great misconduct and also against our societal norms.”

Similar expulsions were enforced ten years ago.

The Nigerian government recently introduced a bill to parliament proposing the outlawing of groups advocating gay and lesbian rights.