Gay icon handed unique restraining order

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Gay icon, Paris Hilton, has been given an unusual restraining order to stay at least 100 yards away from an event producer, unless they are at the same party.

Brian Quintana was granted the three-year order against the Simple Life star last month after he testified that she continuosly harassed and threatened him after their friendship ended.

However, because Mr Quintana, 37, and Ms Hilton, 25, occasionally turn up at the same social events, their attorneys drafted a unique clause which states that at a party “the

stay-away distance may be shortened to 25 feet.”

The heiress’s spokesman Elliot Mintz said his client wants nothing to do with Mr Quintana and is happy to stay away from him.

Mr Quintana told the court that his relationship with Ms Hilton degenerated after he urged her boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos III to reconsider dating her.

Her co star Nicole Richie’s catchphrase “loves it” has been latched onto by the gay community and is often expressed by camp gay men in London.