Lesbian Homecoming King causes college review

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A lesbian who sparked controversy amongst students after winning a Homecoming King contest has prompted college officials to review their homecoming rules.

Jen Jones, a senior at the school, beat three men to the crown at Hood College in Maryland, USA. She praised the school for appointing her.

“It is cool that Hood allows people to be themselves,” Ms Jones told the Frederick News-Post. “If people didn’t want me to be king, they wouldn’t have nominated me and voted for me.”

Some students hailed the result as a positive symbol while others are seeing it as offensive to the men who took part and that it makes the election look like a joke.

Santo Provenzano, 21, who competed for king, said the event had been reduced to a joke, “It discourages guys from wanting to take part in the future.”

Donald Miller, the college’s student activities director, said all homecoming events will be reviewed and possibly changed.