Kidney transplant shows positives of gay relationships

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The US has reportedly completed its first successful husband to husband organ transplant in Massachusetts, in what is seen as a blow to anti gay marriage views.

Bill Mokeler donated his kidney to Paul Sagon on Valentines Day to help him come off a dialysis machine, it has now been revealed that he is recovering nicely.

Mr Mokeler, who had to give up painkillers for arthritis, told the Boston Herald, “The pain I endured was nothing in comparison to what he had to endure with his kidneys.”

A marriage equality group, Freedom to Marry, said the transplant shows conservative groups that gays are real people with real feelings, communications director Samiya Bashir said: “We say ‘thank heavens’ this couple were living in Massachusetts and were married and were able to take care of each other.”

“Conservatives can hopefully look at this case and see that we are real people and see that the level of commitment we have to each other is no more and no less than any other couple.”