Lesbian who poured boiling bleach on lover is jailed

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“Help you? I wouldn’t spit on you,” said Juliet Wilson as she poured boiling bleach over her girlfriend in a jealous rage.

In her trial at Wood Green Crown Court, prosecutor Mark Kimsey explained that Ms Wilson has become upset when her girlfriend Ms Grizzle had arranged to meet an ex lover and returned late back to the house that she shared with Ms Wilson’s children, aged 8 and 11.

Miss Grizzle suffered burns to her face and upper body in the attack last October. In a statement read out to the court she said: “I was woken up by some hot thing over me.”

Ms Wilson refused to help her victim, who had to run into the street where a bus driver offered her assistance.

Ms Wilson admitted bodily harm, but said that she could not remember the incident. Her lawyer, Marguerite Russell called it “a moment of madness”. She said that her client had been treated for depression.

Judge Bailey told the court that Ms Grizzle had forgiven her former lover, and had written to him asking him to be lenient. She described Wilson as “a considerate loving person,” the judge said. “She pleads with me to take into consideration your good nature as a mother. She considers you are extremely remorseful and that she has found it in her heart to forgive you.”

Jailing Wilson for 3 years he remarked, “That letter has knocked two years off the sentence.”