Every X-Men ’97 character who’s been queer in the comics

X-Men '97

Animated series X-Men ’97 is back, featuring Marvel’s band of mutant heroes who have long been an allegory for the queer experience and the battle for acceptance.

Created by gay writer Beau DeMayo – allegedly fired days before the series premiere aired – X-Men ’97 continued the adventures of the societal outcasts, gaining phenomenal reviews, and picks up just days after X-Men: The Animated Series ended in 1997.

Plenty of canonically queer superheroes have called themselves – at one point or another – an X-Man, such as Iceman, Northstar and even drag-queen-inspired Shade. But how many of our merry band of mutants from X-Men ’97 are – or have been – portrayed as queer at some point?

And no, Magneto and Professor X aren’t on the list, despite our best hopes.


Morph has been confirmed by the writers of X-Men ’97 as being non-binary, which makes sense because the shape-shifter’s resting form is a feature-less, grey humanoid.

Given that Morph can, well, morph into anyone he desires, there’s plenty of scope for who they may or may not become. Also, episode three’s locker-room scene featuring Wolverine made several viewers think that that was not the first time the pair had shared a shower.

Although Wolverine isn’t explicitly queer in X-Men ’97, Morph jokes about getting the “hard to reach places” in a very comfortable manner…


Although Storm isn’t queer in X-Men ’97 – or at least, not yet – she has had a run in the comics where her bisexuality was revealed.

In the “Axis” storyline in 2014, a powerful spell is cast, inverting the personalities and morals of all the heroes and villains. As a result, Storm is seen kissing a female-presenting individual in separate panels, but no one else’s sexuality is altered.

A romantic relationship with Yukio is also heavily hinted at during various points in the character’s history.

A relationship between mutants Storm and Yukio is hinted at. (Marvel Comics)


Jubilation Lee, the pyro-kinetic firework-producing mutant isn’t portrayed as queer in X-Men ’97, but as with many of her fellow superheroes, there exists a universe (Earth-55133) where she is.

During the Runaways story arc, Jubilee forms all-girl gang The Night Witches, alongside girlfriend Pixie. The pair didn’t stay together, but did date.

In X-Men ’97, Jubilee has a romantic storyline with newly recruited mutant, Sunspot.


Now, this is not going to make Marvel incels happy, but there is also a universe (Earth-12025) in which Wolverine is a member of the Alphabet Mafia – although he isn’t gay in X-Men ’97.

More specifically, the version of Wolverine in the “X-Treme Earth” has his claws all over beefy demi-god Hercules. As well as being lovers, the pair were also the definition of a power couple, in that they travelled the universe pounding bad guys (as well as each other).

In one universe, Wolverine and Hercules are lovers. (Marvel Comics)


Despite the fact that the hairy, muscular, intelligent, physically imposing, beefy, kind (calm down, twinks), Beast isn’t typically queer, and isn’t in X-Men ’97, the version of his character from alternate universe Earth-763 is gay.

Henry McCoy (better known as Hank), is in a relationship with Wonder Man is this universe, seen in the “Exiles” storyline.

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