FA reports homophobic abuse

The Football Association (FA) has complained to the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) after a Bulgarian team president called British referee Mike Riley a “homosexual.”

Todor Batkov, president of Levski Sofia, called Mr Riley a homosexual after he sent off one of his side’s strikers in an eventual loss to German club Schalke in the quarter finals of the European competition.

Mr Batkov said: “This British homosexual broke the game.”

The FA labelled the comments as homophobic and offensive, Neale Barry, head of refereeing said: “Mike is one of this country’s top officials, hence his appointment by UEFA for such a prestigious quarter-final tie.

“The subsequent comments by the Levski Sofia president are deeply offensive and we have decided to report it to UEFA.”

Mr Riley has also issued a complaint, saying the Levski fans were racist to Schalke’s balck player, Gerald Asamoah.

The FA told PinkNews.co.uk of its commitment to kicking discrimination out of football last month.