Girlfriend strangled because of lesbian past, court told

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A jealous boyfriend strangled his girlfriend in a rage over her lesbian past, a court has been told.

The defendant, Steven Wallace, attempted to kill 30 year old Wendy Brown after revelations of a lesbian relationship had caused friction between the couple, according to the prosecution.

Richard Newbury, prosecuting said: “The defendant grabbed her throat with both hands and she described how he pressed all of his body weight through his hands onto her throat.

“She could not breathe and was unable to struggle free. She lapsed in and out of consciousness and eventually blacked out.

“It is the Crown’s case that the defendant was attempting to kill her.”

He said Mr Wallace refused to take Ms Brown to hospital, but agreed after she promised not to blame him in the attack.

The jury heard Mr Wallace became jealous when Ms Brown would receive text messages from her former partner. The court was also told that he had been violent and aggressive on a night out in Hartlepool and unleashed a “barrage of abuse” when they returned home.

Mr Wallace, 40, of Church Street, Hartlepool, denies attempted murder. Ms Brown gave evidence to the court, but denied her earlier police statement claiming she lied.

The case continues.