Lesbian sacked because she was pregnant, tribunal told

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A lesbian estate agent was sacked after getting pregnant, a tribunal has been told.

Corrina Slow claims she was dismissed from her managerial role at the gay friendly 2Let estate agency in Brighton after her boss discovered she was 16 weeks pregnant.

She became pregnant in May 2005 through artificial insemination but didn’t tell anyone as she had previously suffered a miscarriage, the tribunal heard.

Ms Slow, 27, said she organised a meeting in August to tell her manager, Kevin Newman, but was instead handed her notice without any reason.

She claims a fellow worker, Michael Blando had told Mr Newman about her pregnancy and accused her former employer of not considering the possibility of a lesbian getting pregnant.

But Mr Newman, who set up the specialist gay homes agency with his boyfriend last year, told the Brighton Employment Tribunal he had warned her regarding her performance ten days before she was fired.

Miss Slow, who now has a six-week-old baby called Edith and lives with girlfriend Hilary Noble, is claiming unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination.

The cause continues on May 18.