Mother and trans child in court battle

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A transsexual will face assault charges in court today after allegations she broke her 85-year-old mother’s arm.

Diane Wells, 52, is accused of misdemeanour assault on her mother last May and is also subject to a civil lawsuit from her siblings who claim she bullied her parent.

Ms Wells told a pre trial hearing yesterday, “They’re making up all this nonsense about me.”

Court records claim a fight started last year when the mother, Constance Joyce Cheney, raised her hand to remove cigarette smoke, this prompted Ms Wells to blow in her face, “The defendant grabbed Mrs. Cheney’s arm and wrenched it with such force that the arm broke,” the records say.

Prosecutor Michael Kadakoff claims this was not the first incident between the pair and Ms Cheney has a restraining order against her child.

But Ms Wells’ attorney, Mel Sachs, claims the charges were made up by her siblings, who have filed a civil suit against her claiming she had spent her mother’s trust fund and then bullied her into transferring half the ownership of her apartment.

The suit claims, Ms Wells, born Jonathan Green Cheney, “has retained a man’s strength.”