The trouble with gay men

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A BBC3 documentary starting this evening will explore issues from saunas to same sex ceremonies surrounding being a gay man in Britain in the 21st Century.

The programme, The Trouble With… Gay Men, is presented by writer Simon Fanshawe, who looks at issues in the gay community.

He argues on the show that gay men are obsessed with their looks, drugs and sex.

There are interviews with gay public figures such as comedian Graham Norton, Big Brother housemate Josh Rafter, and camp TV presenter and host of The Jules and Lulu Show, Julian Bennett.

He also interviews Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick, he says, “There are gay people who come up to me and say ‘I would never have joined the police service if it wasn’t for your example.'”

Mr Fanshawe concludes that gay men can only embrace the new world by growing out of the drugs and sex and settling down to a more responsible lifestyle.

The Trouble With…. Gay Men is on BBC3 at 9pm.