Andrew Tate claims it’s ‘gay’ for men to have sex with women for pleasure

Andrew Tate speaking into a camera.

Self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate has taken his self-proclaimed misogyny to a new level after claiming men having sex with a woman for pleasure is “gay”.

Influencer Tate, who last month claimed that YouTube star Mr Beast supporting his trans friend Ava Kris Tyson was part of a ‘psyop’ to increase trans acceptance, made yet another wild remark after claiming that sex is only for “making children.”

“Any man who has sex with women because it ‘feels good’ is gay,” he said in a post on X/Twitter on Wednesday (24 April).

“Oh my pee pee feels good this is great! In fact you are 40 with less than 5 children you’re probably gay,” he continued.

“All that feel-good pee pee sex and hardly any genetic legacy?”

Unsurprisingly, the post has been awash with mockery from both critics and fans alike, who are bewildered by what Tate even meant by the post.

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Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan, after being detained in Romania.
Andrew Tate. (Getty)

“You’re really close to realising you’re gay,” one user wrote. “Really really close.”

“There’s a reason that homophobia is defined to include a fear of being gay,” another wrote. “For instance, this descent into self-parody seems like one epiphany away from coming out.”

Tate, who has been banned from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, later responded to the mockery by suggesting that his comment was meant in jest.

He replied to a post from a user who mocked people for taking it “dead a** seriously” with two smiling emojis, seemingly confirming that he wants people to think it’s a joke.

The possible pee pee sex opponent, who is notorious for making controversial posts on social media, was recently extradited to the UK after being hit with an array of criminal charges, including human trafficking.

In March, a Romanian court approved the extradition of Andrew and his brother, Tristan, to the UK to face charges of sexual aggression. He has also been charged with rape and forming a criminal group to sexually exploit women.

The brothers have rejected all the allegations against them, with Andrew Tate describing the pair as “very innocent men”.

Despite the sexist drivel and criminal charges, Tate is still having a worrying effect on young boys in the UK. A poll from September 2023 found that almost a quarter of boys aged 13-15 in the UK have a positive view of him.